Last month, we introduced you to Buddy, the seed of inspiration behind Accounting Seed. As promised, the accounting game Buddy developed is ready for us to share! Before you start playing the Accounting Game with Buddy, it’s important to review the accounting fundamentals behind the game! Don’t worry, this isn’t a boring lecture. To start, check out our intro to the Accounting Game below! 

To supplement the video and provide physical instructions, download our free Accounting Game Guide.  

Besides providing a fun activity, our goal is to help you understand the events and processes behind your business’ accounting processes. Everyone should be financially literate, particularly when you’re running or managing a business. To do this, the game puts you and your fellow players in the role of the accountant. You will identify what financial transactions are being performed and actually balance the debits and credits involved. We’ll delve into the ways debits and credits generated through accounting events and see the different financial dimensions of your business. 

Master Accounting Basics

The Accounting Game Guide is your written companion to the video and an essential tool in playing the game. In it, we break down the accounting elements that influence your gameplay and business. To ensure you have a comprehensive understanding of how accounting works we document and expand on the lessons of the whole video. You’ll find many of the graphics from the video as well, to help you visualize the material. The crash course in all things accounting includes:

  • Debits and credits
  • What constitutes an accounting event
  • GL account types 
  • How balancing your accounts works
  • Monthly closes 
  • Financial reports 
  • And more!

In addition to the practical information, you will also have access to the game!

the accounting game gameboard

Step-By-Step Game Instructions

The core objective of the game is to identify, categorize, and account for each accounting transaction. This is done by pinpointing the transaction type associated with the event you draw. Our game is fully functional, equipped with game pieces, cards, and a game board to play on.   

There are 16 major accounting events for all companies regardless of their size, all of which are outlined within the 4 zone sections. Within the guide, you’ll see the steps for how players will maneuver across the board and use pieces. We’ll tell you how to use and place the pieces in order to score points. 

To play the game you will need:

  • The Accounting Game board
  • The event cards 
  • The printable money tokens
  • The printable zone/GL account pieces
  • And pencils and paper!

You should now have the basic skills and information to effectively play the game and be aware of your own accounting. Practice your new knowledge in the gameplay! Download the game pieces and board here. You can also use this guide as a resource and also follow along in our video. From Accounting Seed, we hope you have a fun experience and as always, good accounting!

Download the Game Guide and Instructions Here!

We’d love to see you play and hear about your experience!  Are you playing it at home, safely socially distanced in the office as a team-building exercise, or over Zoom? Be sure to submit a photo of you playing the game board to or share a picture on Twitter with the handle #AccountingSeedGame for a chance to win a $50 Amazon gift card! From Accounting Seed, we hope you have a fun experience and as always, good accounting! 

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