Rap is probably the last thing people would associate with accounting. Yet, in iconoclast fashion, our mascot Buddy and crew decided to try something new and fun to show how important and exciting accounting can be! Not to mention, put a spin on how we help you harness your accounting data and streamline your financial management. That’s right, Accounting Seed has created the first-ever accounting rap video!

From Accounting Game to Accounting Song – Breathing Creativity into Accounting

Even before developing Accounting Seed, our CEO, Tony Zorc, was passionate about accounting. Today, Accounting Seed’s mission is to help businesses and individuals fully utilize and harness their accounting through our platform. Part of this involves educating people on accounting, which of course has its challenges and is considered by most to be too complicated and dry. But Tony questioned why this was so. Why does accounting have to be difficult to understand? Does it have to be boring? His answer: make accounting fun! 

We started by developing an accounting game and video designed to break down the basic functions and terms of accounting. We even developed a fully functioning game board, instructions, and game cards. You can play the accounting game here. But why? Like our system, there is always an opportunity to level up, and this goes for finding creative ways to help people learn and enjoy accounting, and how it impacts life. With this in mind, our next creative endeavor was an accounting song to demonstrate not only the role of accounting but how we help you do it! 



Genesis of an Accounting Rap: Rooted in Iconoclasm

Tony came up with the original concept of a rap in keeping with the principles of iconoclasm. Being an Iconoclast is all about thinking outside of the box – trying new things that have never been done before.  An iconoclast is an individual who challenges the prescribed way of doing things, designs a better way, and executes a plan for change. Tony actually just published Iconoclasm – A Survival Guide in the Post Pandemic Economy which looks into the iconoclast formula for success and the need to question and be creative. In this case, it was making accounting fun while showing a real-life scenario where businesses need a better way to scale. 

That is what inspired the first-ever accounting rap video. The idea here was to find a new way to present a scenario accountants and businesses often face when struggling with their accounting system in the midst of growth. But instead of making it a gloomy affair, why not design a solution that infuses humor and sick beats with accounting? Personal creativity is such an important catalyst for growth, that if you have a vision, you should pursue it! 

Tony said, “The accounting rap morphed before my eyes into a fun rap that talked both about our product and about the role of accounting itself. It’s light-hearted, fun, and catchy, but not without real insight into why the right accounting system matters. If listeners just remember ‘Scale, Scale, Scale!’ then they’ll know the role of accounting and Accounting Seed! And surprise! We accountants don’t take ourselves too seriously!”

Production: Bridging Narrative with Rap

After developing the lyrics, we decided to work with a professional mixer, Nate Middleman of Above Ground Studios. Nate has worked with major stars like Usher and Alicia Keys, but this was definitely an unexpected project even for him.

Once the beat was established, our marketing team worked to design and shoot the video in-house. Accounting Seed videographer Ben Baker-Lee relates, 

This project is a fresh and fun way to tell the story of the interaction of the worlds of accounting and business leadership. It was nice to be challenged to bring a new genre of storytelling to this narrative. Even though the emotions are portrayed are exaggerated here, the underlying issues are real concerns, and Accounting Seed is proven to help bring these worlds into greater harmony.” 

The reality is that most accounting systems do not scale effectively and lack the flexibility to continue helping a growing organization. Harnessing our flexibility and high-level automation, our mission at Accounting Seed is to empower accountants and businesses through efficient financial management and stronger accounting data. 

Our team didn’t do the filming alone. In addition to Buddy, our mascot, leading the rap were TZ Money, our fictional CEO, and Neil, the well-meaning but change-adverse accountant. The goal was to depict a humorous scenario but nevertheless, illuminate a real-world struggle. 




That’s An ‘Accounting’ Rap! 

After days of filming and hours of editing at the hands of our videographer, Ben Baker-Lee, the premier accounting rap video is here! As we look back at such an unconventional project, we cannot deny that this reveals the surprising creativity of accounting. But more, that it’s okay to have fun at work, and more, that reaching out to prospects and even customers doesn’t have to be a dull affair. As COVID-19 winds down, we must look for new opportunities and ideas to reinvigorate our businesses. We should not be afraid to be iconoclasts and question why things are. Who knows, maybe you can create a rap for what you do. 

If you haven’t yet, check out our Accounting Rap video. If it spoke to you, or at least made you laugh, sign up for a free, personalized demo. You’ll see how our platform will help you scale and use your accounting like never before.

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