It has been an exciting year at Accounting Seed. We are pleased to announce we have released version 3.0 of our product and our brand new partners page

New Product Features 

New Bank Reconciliation 

Our new Bank Reconciliation tool features a streamlined interface that makes it easy for users to clear and unclear transactions. Also, we have new Audit Trail Reports for the Bank Rec that automatically save as a PDFs when you complete the reconciliation.

Historical Accounts Payable and Receivable Aging

With this new feature you are able to look at your Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable detailed aging at various points in history.

New Billing and Purchasing PDF Formats with Email

We have introduced customizable PDFs for Sales Invoices and Purchase Orders. You are able to add your company’s logo and other information and then email them right from Accounting Seed.   A copy of the invoice and an activity record will automatically be inserted into Salesforce

Customer Statements

You are now able to generate two types of customer statements in PDF format with the capability to preview and email. Customer Statements can show what is outstanding for a customer as well as a complete activity history for a specified date range. 

Other Notable Features

  • Flexible Updates on Posted Records
  • Bank Deposits
  • Purchase Tax Calculation (Extension)
  • Scheduled Revenue & Expense Post/Unpost via API
  • Cash Receipts Post/Unpost via API
  • Create Purchase Order from Sales Order
  • Receive All in Purchase Order
  • Support Negative Quantities on Sales Order and Purchase Order


Application Marketplace

We have just released a Marketplace that showcases all of our partner applications that have pre-built integrations to Accounting Seed.  We truly want our customers to be able to run their entire business on the Salesforce platform, and these integrations support our customers in this goal.

 “Making this marketplace was a natural extension of working with partners in the Salesforce ecosystem. Many of our partnerships have lasted for several years, and we are continuously entering new relationships with other Salesforce ISV partners. This Marketplace allows our joint customers to have a rapid deployment of integrated solutions.”

Tony Zorc, CEO