Salesforce Inventory Management

Accounting Seed allows you to control your Salesforce inventory management along with your accounting all on one financial management platform.

Sales Order Management

Accounting Seed brings you a consolidated sales order process that’s totally streamlined, saving you time and money. Once a sale has been made, click a button to start your inventory fulfillment process through our sales orders and purchase orders. Our Sales Order Management features include:

  • Create a sales order right from the opportunity in your CRM
  • Allocate your inventory to reserve products for specific customer orders
  • Record your packing and shipping details in a single interface
  • Create purchase orders directly from sales orders


Salesforce Inventory Management

Manage your warehouse and inventory right alongside accounting in one integrated system. Accounting Seed’s flexible salesforce inventory management allows you to build a customized solution with features such as:

  • Product bundling (kitting)
  • Serialized and non-serialized inventory
  • Multi-warehouse, multi-location environments
  • Historical Inventory balance reporting
  • Build and stock finished good inventory from raw materials


Purchase Orders Management

Whether your purchasing requirements are straightforward or complex, Accounting Seed makes the management simple.
Features include:

  • Track creation and approval of purchase orders
  • Receive goods in multiple warehouses and locations
  • Purchase for a specific project/job
  • Email purchase orders directly from the interface
  • Creation of accounts payable records from a purchase order

You can fully customize your purchasing process with our flexible all-in-one platform.

“One of the major benefits of Accounting Seed is that the system is optimized to measure profitability and growth in a way that really helps inform key decisions relevant to our specific business.”

Olivier Marnac

Co-Founder, Zenconnect

Key Benefits

  • Report real-time inventory values for in-depth cost of goods accounting

  • Improve customer relations and use capital more efficiently by automating processes to reduce stockouts, compress delivery timeframes, and reduce overstock

  • Reduce manual stock counts with inventory tracking across multiple warehouses and locations

Accounting Seed’s Features

Modernize your accounting processes and embrace the unique way you do business with Accounting Seed’s core accounting features.

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