Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP)

The strain of donation management is over. Accounting Seed comes with the Salesforce Nonprofit success pack.

Accounting Seed is Native to Salesforce NPSP

Accounting Seed’s connection to the Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) gives you faster, more accurate control of your organization’s donations. From fundraising to program initiatives and more, the combination of the NPSP with Accounting Seed creates the world’s most flexible, scalable business management platform for nonprofits.

Our nonprofit customers enjoy lightning-fast, fully automated, real-time, donation management and accounting with no duplicate or inconsistent data. Accounting Seed powers your nonprofit’s cause to the next level.

NPSP and Accounting Seed Features:

  • General Ledger
    All of the donations, funds, fund allocation data, and more you’ve started within NPSP connects to the Accounting Seed general ledger automatically. Accounting Seed’s flexible Chart of Accounts gives you total control over how you report and organize your entity’s finances.
  • Banking
    Clear batch bank transactions and facilitate quick reconciliations through minimal data entry, all on a single platform in the same way your donations are settled by your bank.
  • Financial Reporting
    Our nonprofit customers enjoy real-time, customizable financial and management reports that keep them on track to achieve goals or pivot strategies to reach key benchmarks. Breeze through 990s and other tax reports with our drill-down and audit trail features.

“In our legacy donor system, allocating gift splits can be done in as little as 20 seconds. This is due to Accounting Seed’s flexibility, as well as its visible system elements that make it so easy for each party to collaborate on each phase of the process.”

John Benza

VP Finance & Administration, WorldVenture

Key Benefits

  • Automate donation management and your general ledger accounting in a single platform.

  • Automate workflows from back to front office effortlessly.

  • Leave spreadsheets and manual reentry/recalculations behind. Harness our connection for a seamless, accurate flow of your nonprofit’s critical accounting data in real-time.

Accounting Seed’s Features

Modernize your accounting processes and embrace the unique way you do business with Accounting Seed’s core accounting features.

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