Sales Cloud

Forget coding or the need for any connectors. Salesforce Sales Cloud provides users with many ways to manage and close Salesforce opportunities.

A Match Made in Heaven – Accounting Seed and Sales Cloud

All of your sales and accounting data are available on one platform, saving you time while ensuring your data is consistent and accurate. No more manual re-entry. Instead, you have a single source of truth for all your management data!

Take opportunities to the next step in processing in four objects with just the click of a button!


Focus More on the Customer

All of these can be done simultaneously on a single platform to boost your workflow efficiency. Focus more on the customer and less on back-to-middle-office integrations!


  • Accounts Receivable
    Process sales invoices instantly, or set up a recurring sales invoice right off the sales opportunity. Get paid faster and without multiple integrations or any middlemen!
  • Inventory & Orders
    Purchase inventory directly for jobs or pull from stock right from an opportunity. Or if you’re ready to close a deal, create and process a sales order on the spot!
  • Projects
    Initiate, manage, and monitor the expenses and progress of your projects in sales to stay on track and on budget for successful delivery.

Start Leveraging the Power of a Single Business Management Platform Today!

Accounting Seed’s native connection to Salesforce Sales Cloud gives you a more streamlined way to process your opportunities and manage their related finances. Start a project or create a sales order anywhere and manage the finances in Accounting Seed!

Key Benefits

  • Initiate and manage finances related to opportunities without leaving the platform.

  • No more extra steps, tabs, or clicks to manage your accounting with sales - close deals faster and have more accurate accounting throughout the sales process.

  • Track and manage each step of the sales process from lead to ledger with a clear view of the financial dimension of each opportunity.

Our accounts receivable activities were becoming increasingly labor intensive as we grew, and Accounting Seed allowed us to automate many tedious activities.
Chad Meyer

Chief Executive Officer, Internet Creations

Accounting Seed’s Features

Modernize your accounting processes and embrace the unique way you do business with Accounting Seed’s core accounting features.

Transform Your Business Now

Exploring options and want to see if Accounting Seed is a good fit for your organization?

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Together, let’s see how Accounting Seed can help.

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