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Accounting Seed and B2B Commerce

Get a headstart on your competition when you choose Accounting Seed and consolidate your entire business operation onto one platform. Combine your back office with Salesforce’s B2B commerce cloud today.

Our B2B commerce customers have been proven to:

  • Generate more revenue
  • Accelerate growth
  • Lower operational costs
  • Provide greater business agility
  • Maintain happier customer relations

Our solution will integrate your company’s finances with e-commerce orders from B2B all on one platform. This simplicity provides an exceptional online buying and order fulfillment experience for your customers.

B2C Commerce with Accounting Seed

When B2C commerce businesses connect their back-office with Accounting Seed, they experience a much smoother operation. B2C business owners and financiers will:

  • Understand the customers wants, needs, and resources in real-time
  • Manage the complete order lifecycle from purchase to shipment
  • Unify their entire business operation on a single platform
  • Create a game-changing ERP system that combines ordering and accounting for your own unique e-commerce business

If you own a B2C e-commerce business, contact an account executive today to learn more about the benefits of Accounting Seed. Click on the button below.

“We see Accounting Seed as a complete business solution, allowing us to pilot our sales operations, accounting and finance. More importantly, it is adapted for the French market, which is always a challenge with financial solutions from overseas editors.”

Olivier Marnac

General Manager, CMO at Zenconnect

Key Benefits

  • Remove pain of being connected to too many apps across your entire e-conmerce business.

  • Align supply chain, order processing, accounting, inventory and more.

  • Make sure there will not be any large-scale reconciling process later.

  • Sales and inventory levels can be monitored in real-time to make appropriate channel decisions.

Accounting Seed’s Features

Modernize your accounting processes and embrace the unique way you do business with Accounting Seed’s core accounting features.

Transform Your Business Now

To request a demo, please provide the following information and one of our team members will get in touch with you ASAP. We aim to be back in contact with you within 2 hours but no later than the next business day. You can also contact one of our account executives at 410-995-8406.

When you use Accounting Seed, the essential rules of accounting remain the same—what’s different is how Accounting Seed allows you to run your business your way. It’s not rigid or siloed—it’s automated, flexible, customizable, and connected.

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