Accounting Seed takes your business revenue to new heights on one platform with our configure, price, and quote or CPQ connection via Salesforce.

What is CPQ?

A CPQ, or Configure, Price, Quote application, often works in tandem with the Salesforce platform. An ideal CPQ and accounting solution connection will streamline the entire contracting process, allowing users to:

  • Take elaborate quotes right into accounting without any middleware connections
  • Reconcile billings to quoting effortlessly
  • Automate the reconciliation of revenue, quoting, and billing all on one platform to your exact specifications
  • Eliminate user error by drawing from reliable data sources to auto-populate fields

Free up the review process, consolidate your apps onto one platform, and remove any roadblocks with an accounting solution that is connected to your CPQ. CPQ and Accounting Seed increase staff efficiency, leaving for more time with customers.

CPQ Billing and Accounting Seed

You’re human, and humans make mistakes. Your business, on the other hand, is not human. And while your customers might be willing to forgive a minor error on your part, they won’t be so quick to overlook pricing errors made by your organization. Accounting Seed and CPQ billing takes human error out of the equation, delivering accurate, dependable quotes every time.

Salesforce and CPQ Billing benefits:

  • Taking out all of the complexity and calculation of what is due along with full collections capability in Accounting Seed
  • Track historical agings of billings to accounting periods
  • Automate revenue recognition

Contact an account executive today and learn more about the benefits of connecting Accounting Seed to  Salesforce CPQ billing.

“We see Accounting Seed as a complete business solution, allowing us to pilot our sales operations, accounting and finance. More importantly, it is adapted for the French market, which is always a challenge with financial solutions from overseas editors.”

Olivier Marnac

General Manager, CMO at Zenconnect

Key Benefits

  • Bills can be generated reliably and without errors.

  • Subscription and usage-based products become simpler to define and easier to bill.

  • You can offer flexible billing arrangements to every customer.

  • Quoting and accounting connected on one system with no reconciliation.

  • The ability to automate the billing process.

Accounting Seed’s Features

Modernize your accounting processes and embrace the unique way you do business with Accounting Seed’s core accounting features.

Transform Your Business Now

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