Project Accounting

Tracking customer engagements and events has never been easier. In Accounting Seed, project accounting is automatically included in your general ledger system, which means no hassle for you.

Project Accounting Made Easy

Close a deal, press a button, and your project is ready to go. Accounting Seed’s simple integrated general ledger means no more disconnected project systems serving as sub-ledgers. Our project accounting software automates the project accounting processes your business needs. Our general ledger and project accounting are simply consolidated into one system, eliminating wasted time and office-wide confusion.

Our project accounting is comprehensive, we’ll show you all the expenses (billing, costs, and time) and help you manage resources. Easily generate deep insights from our financial reporting dashboards for projects. Keep individual projects on track and your overall business growing profitably with Accounting Seed’s project accounting software.

Complete Financial Management

Track and manage the lifecycle of your project—start to finish—so you can ensure no project gets out of hand and that you remain safely within the budget. Track project expenses and deliverables with a range of financial reporting options including project-based, profit and loss, and budget reports. Users can enter in time cards and expenses with the option of billing it to customers and reimbursing to employees.

Accounting Seed’s project-based accounting software will financially analyze past projects, so you can make more accurate project bids. It integrates with your CRM, allowing you to see what projects are in the pipeline and much more.

“Storing financial information and project-specific details all in Accounting Seed gives us a truly accurate portrait of account activities. This enhances the visibility of the accounts for the whole team, as well as the respective clients, which also makes reporting and billing processes much easier.”

Andrei Tsygankov

Partner, Founders Legal

Key Benefits

  • Fit project capabilities to the needs of your business

  • Improve profit margins by basing new project bids on better data

  • Lower costs by streamlining project accounting

  • Project accounting that keeps clients happy by making it easy for your team to get information and provide great service

Accounting Seed’s Features

Modernize your accounting processes and embrace the unique way you do business with Accounting Seed’s core accounting features.

Transform Your Business Now

To request a demo, please provide the following information and one of our team members will get in touch with you ASAP. We aim to be back in contact with you within 2 hours but no later than the next business day. You can also contact one of our account executives at 410-995-8406.

When you use Accounting Seed, the essential rules of accounting remain the same—what’s different is how Accounting Seed allows you to run your business your way. It’s not rigid or siloed—it’s automated, flexible, customizable, and connected.

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