Paying Vendors

Expense management can be a huge headache for small- and mid-sized businesses—but with Accounting Seed payment to vendors has never been easier. 

Import Credit Card Transactions with the Click of a Button

Forget hand-jamming your credit card transactions into your accounting system. With Accounting Seed, you simply press a button and your transactions flow right in, courtesy of our connection to over 14,500 banks and credit card companies. And because vendor data is already predefined, few adjustments are required, saving you time and effort.

We also provide out-of-the-box email and PDF templates that are easily configured to your specific needs. You can manage your credit cards, accounts payable, and purchasing with the click of a button.


Purchasing Embedded with Sales Orders and Accounts Payable

Whether your purchasing requirements are straightforward or complex, Accounting Seed makes the management simple. You can fully customize your purchasing process, unlike many other limited accounting software packages. Associate a purchase order with a manufacturing or construction order. You are also able to easily analyze stock levels, purchase inventory for stock, and more—without dealing with dozens of fragile integration points.

Payables Connected to Your Business Management

At the click of a button, you can print checks in batch straight from the cloud with any laser printer- no need to purchase yet another check-printing solution. Users can automate ACH payments from anywhere with an internet connection at anytime thanks to our cloud-based automation.

Manage Deferred Expenses

Accounting Seed is a double-entry GAAP and IFRS-compliant system. Accounting Seed’s rapid expense recording feature lets you easily recognize expense independent of cash flow.

Key Benefits

  • Manage your credit cards, accounts payable, and purchasing all on one platform.

  • Print checks from anywhere at anytime with our cloud-based access

  • Easily analyze stock levels, purchase inventory for stock, and more—without dealing with dozens of fragile integration points.

One of the things I like about Accounting Seed is that you allow credit entries on the same object. This allows one to run a report on payable activity for a vendor and see any reversals in the same place.

Anna Anderson


Accounting Seed’s Features

Modernize your accounting processes and embrace the unique way you do business with Accounting Seed’s core accounting features.

Transform Your Business Now

To request a demo, please provide the following information and one of our team members will get in touch with you ASAP. We aim to be back in contact with you within 2 hours but no later than the next business day. You can also contact one of our account executives at 410-995-8406.

When you use Accounting Seed, the essential rules of accounting remain the same—what’s different is how Accounting Seed allows you to run your business your way. It’s not rigid or siloed—it’s automated, flexible, customizable, and connected.

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