Accounting Software Configuration

When it comes to configuration, Accounting Seed’s flexibility is unmatched. Our product works with your unique business processes to ensure a complete fit to your entire business.


Point and Click Configuration

With Accounting Seed, configuration management doesn’t require coding. Our accounting software’s click-no-code configurations are free and easily attainable with the help of amazing support staff, partners, and Accounting Seed University.

The translation workbench allows you to create translations for the configuration you’ve made to your organization. Everything from custom picklist values to custom data fields can be translated so your global users can use your company’s verbiage in their language. To learn more about configuring language, check out our Configuration Overview.


Workflow rules can be used to automatically update data fields and send messages, tasks, and alerts on a new data record you are directly creating or updating.

Process Builders

The process builder can be used to automatically update data fields and send messages, tasks, and alerts on a data record related to the record you are directly creating or updating.


Approvals can be used to approve any data records in the application at the stages you define. The approval process will also show an audit trail of who approved the record and when.

Key Benefits

  • Works with your current processes and workflows, not against them

  • Custom navigation built for seamless viewability

  • Simplify billing and receiving with custom communications and forms

  • Custom dashboards and reporting functionalities

  • Create custom automations and processes for boosted efficiency

With Accounting Seed, if something does not work the way we need it to, we can change it or build it to suit our needs. We can also leverage many of the unique, third-party tools available via the AppExchange.

Andrei Tsygankov

Partner, Founders Legal (Bekiares Eliezer LLP)

Accounting Seed’s Features

Modernize your accounting processes and embrace the unique way you do business with Accounting Seed’s core accounting features.

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