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Accounting Seed offers innovative, flexible, and cloud-based financial software that reinvents the way you do accounting.

What is Accounting Seed?

Accounting Seed is one of the most popular applications on the Salesforce AppExchange and a top-rated mid-market solution by G2, FinancesOnline, CFO Tech Outlook, SoftwareReviews, and Software World.

As a fully native accounting solution on Salesforce, Accounting Seed solves any accounting problem for companies in the SMB, MM, GRB, and enterprise-level markets.

How do we stack up against others in the accounting space?

Replaces Your Current Accounting System

Customers can use Accounting Seed as a replacement of their current accounting system to run the entire back office on Salesforce or as a sub-ledger to integrate into their current accounting system.

Covers the Back-Office Functions of the Business

Accounting Seed covers the back-office functions of the business with key features such as general ledger, billing & cash receipts, accounts payable, accounts receivable, purchase orders, project/work orders, financial reporting, time & expense, sales order management, inventory control & balances and more.

Billing Automation is Hassle Free

Users can jump right from an opportunity to deliver an invoice, kick off a project, or establish a recurring billing plan. Subscription billing or recurring billing are both easy to manage.

Works in All Industries and Non-Profits

Accounting Seed works in all industries but has strength in nonprofit, manufacturing, construction, professional services, financial services, health care, higher education, consulting, high-tech, and more.

Orders & Inventory Are Highly Customizable

Our financial suite and orders & inventory management packages are highly customizable out of the box due to our open architecture and shared API with Salesforce, something that other accounting apps cannot offer.

Works Well with Global, Enterprise Level Companies

Accounting Seed works well with global, enterprise-level companies due to features such as multi-company, multi-entity, VAT reporting, and automated batch processing.

Competitive Analysis Chart

accounting seed competitive analysis chart

Overview of Accounting Seed

When you hear a prospect say:

  • I want my accounting system connected to Salesforce
  • I want to automate revenue recognition
  • I need to create custom financial reports
  • I need a solution that will help me spend less time in the back office
  • I need to process lots of billings at one time

That is when you need Accounting Seed!

Need more info? Check out our Product Overview Video.

Install Accounting Seed

You can install Accounting Seed Financial Suite Core Package into your existing Salesforce Instance in just a few simple steps:


  1. Complete the form included to download the Financial Suite package. (We recommend only downloading the Financial Suite package at this time.)
  2. When prompted, we recommend selecting Install for All Users and then click Install.

We highly recommend contacting Accounting Seed for assistance during this process to ensure the accounting functionality works properly for you.


  • The installation of the package may take a few minutes to complete. If it does, you can click Done to leave the page. You will receive an email letting you know that the installation has finished.
  • Each user will need both an Accounting Seed license and be assigned to an Accounting Seed Permission Set to use the application and to access the data.

Allocate Licenses

An Accounting Seed user must first be set up as a Salesforce user.

Quick Steps

  1. Log into Salesforce and navigate to SetupClick the Gear icon on the menu bar at the top of the page and click Setup.
  2. Navigate to Installed PackagesLightning Experience: Select the Apps on the left navigation menu and click Installed Packages.
  3. Click Manage Licenses beside the Accounting Seed Financial Suite package.
  4. When the Installed Packages page opens, click Add Users.
  5. Choose users from the Available Users list by checking the box beside their names.
  6. Click Add
  7. Feel free to contact an Accounting Seed Account Executive to assist you in this process.

Assigning User Permissions

Quick Option: On the Permission Set Assignments page, add Permission Sets, select AS full admin, and click Save.

Click the Gear icon on the menu bar at the top of the page and click Setup.
Click the Administration drop-down menu, click the Users drop-down menu, and then scroll down and click Users.
On the All Users page, click a User’s name.
On the Selected Users page, scroll down to Permission Set Assignments and click the Edit Assignments button.
On the Permission Set Assignments page, add Permission Sets, and click Save.

Click here for further instructions on applying page layouts after user permissions are assigned or contact for assistance. 

How To Demo
Review this three-minute video which covers how to demo Accounting Seed to your prospect, and when to involve an Accounting Seed specialist.

Important Points to Hit during the demo:

  • Accounting Seed is native to Salesforce, so it is a single log-in and adds accounting features and functions to your Salesforce instance.
  • Accounting Seed shares the same API as Salesforce, enabling customers to easily configure their accounting and customize it to their specific business needs.
  • Accounting Seed has automation capabilities for many tedious tasks out of the box such as recurring billings and journal entries. 
  • Accounting Seed’s custom reporting tool enables users to create any financial report needed, but it also comes with out-of-the-box reports that are standard to every business, such as a profit & loss and balance sheet. 


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