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NVIS Gains Inventory Management Through a Different Lens

NVIS, inc. started out as a dream to provide the highest quality immersive computer displays for military training. So far, most companies haven’t accomplished as much as NVIS has. For example, they have done simulations providing visual systems for the embedded daytime and thermal sights used on the U.S. Army’s Advanced Gunnery Training Systems (AGTS), developed by Lockheed Martin. Additionally, NVIS also performed a project that supported Air Support Operations Squadron (ASOS) training with the Ranger 47 virtual binocular. Virtual systems such as these are vital to military training. Also, they remain a huge part of what keeps the military agile and ready to serve.



How Accounting Seed’s inventory management features streamlined operations for NVIS, inc.

Focus on Quality

Their focus on quality gives NVIS a distinct competitive edge. This makes their products highly valued by training sectors of the military across all branches. One of their greatest accomplishments was gaining the ISO-9001:2008 registration. They received this recognition for their quality management as a designer and manufacturer of immersive display systems. First registered in 2010, NVIS has continued to renew this registration each year due to their quality standards. 

“Providing this consistency has built trust, and trust is perhaps the most important attribute to have when supporting prime and subprime contractors delivering systems to our military,” said Marc Foglia, president of NVIS, inc. 

With great accomplishments and certifications under their belt, NVIS has become an established leader in this industry. They’re highly regarded for their new techniques and technologies that redefine virtual training on a regular basis.

“Maintaining that performance edge and the requirements in our products has really allowed us to thrive and be the leader,” said Marc.

Technology Brings Opportunity

In order to keep their competitive edge thriving, Marc knew he needed the right technology to keep track of all their data from customer communications to billings. The company wanted to take on more jobs and clients, but this necessitated the bandwidth to do so effectively.

After migrating to Salesforce®, the team sought to connect the legacy accounting system they were using to Salesforce through a sync connector. However, this connection was not reliable. In fact, it was taking so long to try to establish the connection that NVIS decided to forgo the connector and look for an accounting solution on Salesforce. 

“Initially, we did try to connect with our desktop solution. But this involved a lot of syncing and manual retrievals to get information out of the accounting system and into Salesforce. It was very limited and created errors for us. We knew it was just a matter of time.”

Powered by Salesforce

Marc found Accounting Seed by searching through the AppExchange for solutions. While there were a few different solutions, from industry-specific apps to other sync connectors, Marc inevitably moved forward with Accounting Seed. He chose Accounting Seed because of its native connection to Salesforce, eliminating manual work and synchronization problems. 

“Accounting Seed shares the same API as Salesforce and has a ‘less is more’ approach to the platform, which is consistent with Salesforce’s approach to the CRM world.”

When Accounting Seed was brought into the mix, Marc was acting as the company’s salesforce administrator. This made for an elaborate build-out on the CRM side to manage their customer base. Accounting Seed’s seamless connection on Salesforce allowed the team to continue building out their Salesforce org without interruptions. In fact, it made everything much easier due to the fact that the accounting was now being considered at every level of the business. 

Inventory Management

“Accounting Seed really showed up for us when it comes to customization. We were able to continue our build [of Salesforce] without breaking the accounting side of our business. It has given us a single source of truth for all the inventory we have.” 

Specifically, Accounting Seed’s inventory management has allowed NVIS to get so granular that they never miss a beat on each order. NVIS can now generate procurement requirements directly from a sales order and customer requirements for all the products. Alongside this, NVIS can also associate material requirements with each order.  

“Our inventory position became accurate. Reporting became accurate. What we couldn’t do before Accounting Seed, was have reliable information, updated in real-time. To me, this is the biggest advantage of having Accounting Seed.”

Amortization Entries

When looking further into the accounting, Susan Hopkins, logistics manager at NVIS, notes that amortization entries are simple and easy to accomplish. What once took loads of manual processing, now takes the click of a button to accomplish, making her day-to-day smoother. 

“The fact that you can click a button, enter the number and two dates, and it will amortize your expense or your income in an instant is incredible,” said Susan. “Changing to Accounting Seed has made me more valuable to my company and better at my job.” 

Accounting Seed Ensures Quality

From inventory management to managing the books on a day-to-day basis, Accounting Seed solved many of the problems NVIS previously faced. The company is no longer worried about missing orders or having inaccurate inventory counts. Now, everything is housed under one roof from lead to ledger

“Because of Accounting Seed, we now have a very accurate picture of the entire process,” said Marc. “We could not do what we do without it.”



To learn more about NVIS, visit them online at Check out the NVIS video and others on our YouTube channel.

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