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Kolossos Olive Oil

Extracting the Finest Ingredients Through Cloud-Based Technology

Cloud-based technology can be compared to cooking. The pairing of specific ingredients or complimentary apps will achieve the finest results. Kolossos is no stranger to both. They are national providers of affordable premium quality Greek food product extracts including extra virgin olive oils and organic wine vinegars. Even before Kolossos started selling their products, they included as part of their business model being at the forefront of the market by implementing cloud-based technology.

The company co-founders had offices in separate cities. With Salesforce, they were able to easily access and virtually track all company sales and marketing activity. However, as business grew, their accounting software, QuickBooks was unable to support future expansion. It also lacked the customization needed to accommodate accounting and inventory workflows specific to their business. Because of this, Kolossos searched for a new back office solution—one that is built exclusively on the Salesforce platform and is easy to use and customize.

The co-founders chose Accounting Seed because they found it very user friendly and it seamlessly integrated to Salesforce.

They were not only able to perform accounting tasks but also create inventory and invoices directly from the Salesforce platform. Along with the ability to access accounting data remotely on any mobile device, Accounting Seed also provided them the customization needed to support future growth in adding more products.

Since pairing Salesforce with Accounting Seed, the team at Kolossos are able to easily create sales orders, send out invoices, and track inventory balances at a moment’s notice. “Its ability to keep a track record of all our financial and transactional data is phenomenal! Accounting Seed’s mobile and cloud based capabilities are a wonderful asset to our company,” said Giorgios Karayannis, Founder, Kolossos Olive Oil.



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