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Custom Accounting for Custom Clothing

Everyone has their favorite t-shirt. Its design and comfort make it the go-to attire in our weekly wardrobe rotation.

What happens when you outgrow or need a replacement? Real Thread is the answer.

Their business is providing amazing custom screen printed t-shirts using water based and discharge inks and the softest fabrics. And just like their innovative silkscreen designs and super soft made-to-order t-shirts, they rely on a customizable business management system to manage their company’s unique front and back office processes.

custom accounting for real thread

When the company first started in 2009, Real Thread tracked and managed their accounting information using a FileMaker database. Even though the FileMaker database was well suited for their industry, it was not an application their business could grow into. It lacked the flexibility to tailor according to their specific business workflows and could not automate routine accounting tasks. Also, it did not enable them to accurately report revenue and expenses as they occurred.

Real Thread knew they needed a new back office system. The new solution had to bring automation to their daily accounting activities. In addition, it not only had to offer them the ability to easily customize workflow rules and data objects but also encompass sales, accounting, and ERP on a single platform. Before long, Real Thread discovered Accounting Seed, natively built on the Salesforce CRM platform.

A Custom Partnership

Since moving to Accounting Seed, Real Thread is able to automate accounting tasks such as billing and to accurately report revenue against expenses in real-time. “One of the biggest benefits to switching our accounting systems is how tightly integrated our billing, revenue and expenses are with Accounting Seed and its native Salesforce functionality,” said Dru Dalton, CEO at Real Thread. “I now have a ton of faith and trust knowing our margins are true and data reported is accurate and in real-time.” The company has also leveraged Accounting Seed’s open API and customization flexibility to build their own ERP solution seamlessly tied together with Salesforce and Accounting Seed.

Real Thread’s business has quadrupled since implementing Accounting Seed. However, even with the tremendous growth, no additional accounting headcount is needed. As they craft their clients the perfect t-shirts and branding apparel, they have peace of mind knowing their back office is efficiently run using Accounting Seed.

Automate Your Back Office with Accounting Seed

To learn more about Accounting Seed and how it can help automate your back office, schedule a live demo or speak to one of the elite accounting software solution providers of 2018 by calling (410) 995-8406 today.

See Accounting Seed in action

Get a close-up view of how accounting on Salesforce can eliminate the need for costly integrations—and silos of mismatched information—by sharing the same database as your CRM.

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