Harnessing the Power of Accounting Seed

When it comes to renewable energy, solar power is one solution that often comes to mind, and Borrego Solar is at the forefront.

Borrego Solar is a leading provider of solar energy and storage services for commercial and utility customers. They offer a full suite of photovoltaic (PV) services to large-scale solar customers including: Engineering, Procurement, and Construction(EPC); Operations and Maintenance(O&M), energy storage, development, Power Purchase Agreements, and other solar financing options.

To keep track of their CRM data associated with solar projects, Borrego Solar is a seasoned user of Salesforce. However, as their business processes evolved, so too did their needs in their back office systems.

Borrego Solar initially used Timberline and an on premise solution for both their accounting and inventory. The use of three separate systems for CRM, Accounting, and Inventory Management made it challenging for teams to collaborate and remotely exchange information across offices. Their on premise and accounting software also provided limited visibility for departments outside of accounting. Neither management nor staff could accurately view project or cost information as needed. In addition, their accounting department was unable to easily run the financial reports they needed in a timely manner or customize the software to efficiently support their existing processes.

Time for a Change

In order to simplify their current business processes, Borrego Solar began their search for a new back office solution. As part of their requirements, the new accounting and inventory application needed to be built on the Force.com platform and improve overall data transparency among departments. More importantly, the application needed to be highly customizable.

Upon testing the various apps available on the AppExchange, Accounting Seed was determined to be the best solution for their organization.

As a result of deploying Accounting Seed, Borrego Solar has achieved full project data transparency. Also, every division is able to accurately view job tasks on Salesforce, manage their entire budget and construction projects across the company.

“Because Salesforce and Accounting Seed are so flexible, we have been able to customize both systems to meet all our business needs; from HR to Marketing and Sales, all the way to our construction management divisions,” said Emily Tam, Director of IT and Infrastructure at Borrego Solar.

Furthermore, by harnessing the power of Accounting Seed on the Force.com platform, Borrego Solar can now quickly and easily run their financial reports as needed and empower staff with the necessary data to manage their projects more efficiently.



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