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Why the Cloud is Here to Stay

Cloud technology is the newest wave in technology.  Even companies that have been around for years are starting to develop products that are cloud based instead of hardware based.  But is this one of those passing technologies or is it here to stay?

All evidence points to cloud technology being around for the long haul. According to a New York Times article, It has huge benefits over hardware programs.  One of the major ones is the ease of updating.  With a cloud based product, updates are pushed to your computer just as easily as you would receive an update to an app on your smart phone.  There is no wait time, and no new product to buy.  Because of this, it is also much easier to implement.  There is no extensive install time and the learning curve drops from years down to weeks.

Leading the charge in cloud computing are companies like Salesforce, since Salesforce is one platform to run your whole business, it makes it much easier for companies who want to switch their whole business management system over to cloud technology since it is only one system to learn.

Now is the time to look at cloud based technology, in a few years it is going to be your only option.


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