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Why Salesforce NPSP is Critical for Nonprofits

The strain of donation management and overall nonprofit accounting is over. Salesforce’s Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) coupled with Accounting Seed gives you a single platform to spearhead your entire nonprofit mission. Get ready to streamline your entire financial process from donation to ledger.

Why Salesforce NPSP is critical for Nonprofits

Besides the constant push for funding, you’re probably in a struggle to maximize as much time for your mission as possible. A lot of your time constraints can be caused by the IT solutions your nonprofit uses. A 2018 report found that 7.5% of nonprofits reported outdated or ineffective technology to be among their greatest roadblocks to growth. Manual labor and unconnected applications continue to bog organizations down. This is especially problematic for nonprofits who already juggle multiple regulations and business components to achieve milestones.

Being able to track, organize, and optimize the variables powering your nonprofit leads to growth and greater outreach for your mission. This is where NPSP comes in. You have the platform to run and track your entire operation in real-time. The use of Nonprofit Cloud in NPSP has helped nonprofits achieve over a 24% donor retention and over 89% improvement in achieving mission objectives!

Instead of scrambling to manage different components of the nonprofit in different solutions, all your data and tools are in one location through NPSP. This means no more data re-entry. No more time wasted looking for information you need. Start a process in one tool on NPSP and resume the work in the appropriate, connected app. This includes your nonprofit’s accounting system.

Native Salesforce Accounting Frees You to Thrive on NPSP

Whenever you’re on the Salesforce Platform©, choose an accounting solution that is natively connected to Salesforce for your nonprofit organization. Accounting Seed’s connection to Salesforce’s Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) gives you faster, more accurate control of your organization’s donations. From fundraising to program initiatives and more, the combination of the NPSP with Accounting Seed creates the world’s most flexible, scalable business management platform for nonprofits.

Our nonprofit customers enjoy lightning-fast, fully automated, real-time, donation management and accounting with no duplicate or inconsistent data. Accounting Seed powers your nonprofit’s cause to the next level. Our solution works with NPSP to minimize the time spent on managing the books while also giving your faster, actionable data to enhance your mission.


NPSP and Accounting Seed’s Shared Features

Using an accounting tool catered to the specifics of Nonprofit accounting is critical. You need precise functionality that helps you manage finances the way that makes sense for your organization’s initiatives. What’s the point of having a system that makes you work harder than necessary to organize your finances, process reconciliations, and comply with reporting standards? There is none.

NPSP’s native connection to Accounting Seed enables you to manage your accounting with a single click. All your transactions go into our general ledger without the pain of re-entering data. You now have a streamlined way to manage your finances that gives you less stress and more time to dedicate to outreach. Let’s look at the three core connection feature points and their benefits:

  • General Ledger

All of the donations, funds, fund allocation data, and more you’ve started within NPSP connects to the Accounting Seed general ledger automatically. Accounting Seed’s flexible Chart of Accounts gives you total control over how you report and organize your entity’s finances.

  • Banking

Clear batch bank transactions and facilitate quick reconciliations through minimal data entry, all on a single platform in the same way your donations are settled by your bank.

  • Financial Reporting

Our nonprofit customers enjoy real-time, customizable financial and management reports that keep them on track to achieve goals or pivot strategies to reach key benchmarks. Breeze through 990s and other tax reports with our drill-down and audit trail features.


What Can You Expect with Accounting Seed’s NPSP Connection

With Accounting Seed’s emphasis on flexibility, automation, and specific nonprofit accounting capabilities, you can expect smoother, more accurate financial management. Here are just a few things in store for your nonprofit with Accounting Seed and NPSP.

  • Automated donation management and general ledger accounting in a single platform.
  • Effortless automated workflows from back to front office.
  • No more spreadsheets and manual reentry/recalculations!
  • Seamless, accurate flow of your nonprofit’s critical accounting data in real-time.
  • A flexible, easy to control system to handle your nonprofit’s tax accounting.

See Accounting Seed in action

Get a close-up view of how accounting on Salesforce can eliminate the need for costly integrations—and silos of mismatched information—by sharing the same database as your CRM.

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