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Top Salesforce Work From Home Features

Salesforce tools, connections, and features make the work from home work experience highly effective. See why!

How Does Salesforce Enhance Cloud Computing

Salesforce’s entire system is built on the Cloud, making it easy for employees and customers to work together from any location and time. Of course, this also includes when companies need to take their work home and access essential data. Data storage applications on the Cloud are not stored on servers in the office, so you and your team can use your tools to conduct business without any loss or delay. 

Salesforce maximizes the cloud-based experience through the platform features that are shared in every native application. But that’s not all! The Salesforce Platform© offers several unique tools to optimize how you equip and empower your applications’ efficiency. Let’s look at these Salesforce work from home features and how they benefit remote work experience. 

Native Platform Features

Whether you’re using Eposly for point of sale operations or Accounting Seed to manage the finances, native apps are seamlessly linked for smooth data transfer. This lets you communicate between applications, complete processes between apps, and more. A critical part of the native architecture is the signature Salesforce tools each app contains. 

The Salesforce Platform has many built-in features that let you optimize workflow and coordination for employees, partners, and customers through built-in functions. These platform features include tools like chatter for communication and tasks for workflow. Every native application has a full complement of these platform features whether you’re using the Salesforce CRM or not. Here are a few examples.

  • Chatter
    Create chat groups and leave messages to help your team communicate effectively. 
  • Salesforce Email Functionality
    Send emails from anywhere within the system, such as the account and contact records.
  • Workflow Rules
    Create and automate internal processes and procedural steps to cut down on manual work.
  • Tasks
    Tasks lets you set up, assign, monitor, and complete events for you and your staff. 
  • User Permissions
    Define what tasks users can perform, approve, and have access to view. 
  • Validation Rules
    Validation rules establish standards for recording and handling data, helping you to keep your data clean and accurate. 
  • And more!

Salesforce Customer 360 Features 

With the Customer 360 Platform, you can also create apps fast using no-code builders and develop amazing customer-facing experiences with pro-code tools. Here’s a list of the Customer 360 Platform features:

  • Mobile – Make every app instantly mobile.
  • Blockchain – Create trusted partnerships.
  • Artificial Intelligence – Personalize every experience.
  • Vision – Recognize the world through AI.
  • Voice – Create a conversational experience.
  • Security – Deliver trust across every experience.
  • And more…

Salesforce Packages 

Let’s talk about a few of the specialized Salesforce versions and connections for specific industries. Salesforce packages enable businesses to tailor remote workflow around the industry specifics based on occupational demands. There are several Salesforce packages available, but let’s look at two examples.

Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP)

NPSP is a free solution offered to nonprofits to help them get started using their Salesforce CRM. The Salesforce NPSP uses and expands upon the data model used by the CRM to organize data focused on maintaining donor relations, key fundraising initiatives, volunteer management and much more!

Field Service Lightning (FSL)

FSL allows service providers to deliver fast, intelligent field service when you connect your entire workforce on one platform. This is a complete field service solution that keeps dispatchers, mobile workers, and managers all connected with relevant data. Teams in the field can deliver AI-powered scheduling and resource optimization, access to job schedules, van inventory, knowledge articles and more (with or without the internet!). 

-All native applications have the ability to connect to these packages without traditional integration

Salesforce AppExchange

The AppExchange was created in 2006 as an extension of the Salesforce ecosystem, giving users access to the world’s top business app marketplace. Now, the AppExchange has over 3,000 applications to choose from, and is a gateway for businesses to build their own applications on Salesforce. It’s also accessible anytime should you need new resources when you work remotely. 

Can’t find the business app you need for your business? Build your own app on AppExchange! With powerful APIs and mobile-ready tools, the Salesforce Platform makes it easy to create apps faster. These are also backed by the security and scalability of The Top 5 Cloud Computing Companies by Forbes, ranking in at number 4. 

Sales Cloud Einstein

Need help uncovering insights or automating processes? Salesforce Sales Cloud Einstein helps you grow your company with its artificial intelligence-powered predictions and recommendations. Sales Cloud Einstein automates data entries and provides predictive analytics to leverage sales history to win more deals. Einstein leads and opportunity scoring examines your data, predicts which leads and opportunities are most likely to convert, and displays intuitive factors behind the scores. This makes for an essential tool to save time and resources while landing sales while remotely.

We hope this insight into some Salesforce connections and features make these work from home times a bit easier for all. To learn more about the available Salesforce features and connections, visit www.salesforce.com or https://appexchange.salesforce.com.

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