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Top 5 Video Conferencing Tools on Salesforce

In today’s blog, we’ll go over the top five video conferencing tools on the Salesforce platform that will maximize your experience. We’ve all had to get used to taking our offices, conference rooms, and even classrooms virtually over the past few months.

For some, working or taking classes virtually has been the norm for far longer than the COVID-19 pandemic. As many continue to embrace remote work, video conferencing and Cloud-based communications are essential. 


By now, we are all familiar with the video conferencing tool giant, Zoom. Whether Zoom has been your virtual conference room or classroom,  Zoom has been a lifesaver during the COVID-19 pandemic for its quality and efficiency. Zoom now has a native integration with Salesforce, making it easy for Salesforce users to start a Zoom meeting and track it in their Salesforce activity history. With Zoom, you can supercharge your productivity by leveraging Zoom Meetings, Zoom Phone, or Zoom Webinars directly from your Salesforce environment. 

Schedule or start a Zoom Webinar, add leads and contacts as registrants, and track participation as a part of contact details. You can also use the Zoom Phone dialer to start and manage Zoom Phone calls. Automatically log call activities and draw contacts directly from the Salesforce interface into your Zoom Phone.


Charket may sound like a new one to some, but it has some amazing features you should be taking advantage of. It connects social networks to Salesforce Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, and Pardot. Using Charket, you can promote and sell your products and services through social networks and support them from within Salesforce.

With Charket you can also:

  • Enable social marketing automation through QR codes and Salesforce Sales Cloud and Pardot.
  • Conduct lead qualification, close deals, and serve customers using Live Chat from both computers and mobile devices. 
  • Use Charket AI and Charket AI Skills to create an advanced chatbot to assist both customers. 

With a five-star rating on the Salesforce AppExchange, this might be the video conferencing tool your company needs to maintain efficiency during this virtual world.

Olark Live Chat

Olark Live Chat is a web-based chat application that focuses on driving sales for your company. It will automatically create leads, contacts, and cases and track all chats in Salesforce. Once a customer visits your website, with Olark, you will be able to talk with them while they are browsing your site to facilitate sales. With Olark’s powerful targeted chat feature, you can focus more of your time on qualified leads. When selling online, use Olark’s Live Chat to reach out and talk to customers that are browsing. With a four-star rating on the AppExchange and a free trial, this should be something every sales team needs. 


ViewTrac is the only enterprise video management solution built 100% native on Salesforce, allowing you to add video and multimedia to your company’s entire lifecycle. It allows companies to manage and track videos and multimedia like never before. Whether it’s being watched in Salesforce, in a Community, in myTrailhead, in Chatter, or from an email, you can manage it and track it all within Salesforce. Leverage your ViewTrac data in Salesforce Reports and Analytics with your other data, for unmatched insights.

ViewTrac is a fully enabled multimedia solution that supports:

  • Video
  • xAPI
  • Audio
  • Interactive Video
  • Multi-language

With ViewTrac, there are no costs associated with content hosting, up to 5TB, and no limits. You can even host it yourself! This video conferencing tool scored five stars on the Salesforce AppExchange and allows you to view media anywhere in Salesforce. 


UberConference is the only meeting platform that’s ditched pins and downloads to deliver the easiest path to collaboration. The UberConference and Salesforce integration enables users to connect their meetings platform to their CRM to capture touchpoints for clearer reporting of past activities. The integration supports automatic logging back to the Salesforce event including audio recording, chat log, participants, and talk time.

UberConference will also link out to conference history which includes access to the post-call summary transcript. With UberConference, users can schedule videos from anywhere. You can choose between scheduling meetings from inside of Salesforce or through the UberConference interface. 

Take advantage of these tools to transition into the virtual world with the highest quality video conferencing tools. The possibilities are endless and Salesforce is there to help you through the new virtual norm.

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