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Top 5 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Accountants

Valentine’s Day will look a little different this year in the face of some COVID-19 restrictions. However, there are still ways to make this Valentine’s Day special for your significant other. If your partner is an accountant, choose a fun, accounting-themed gift to make it a special occasion. Here are five gift ideas for the accountant in your life for Valentine’s Day 2021. 

Accountant Valentine’s Day Mug

Everyone needs a favorite mug, especially the accountant in your life who has tax season creeping up upon them! Spice up their morning coffee routine with this ‘punny’ accounting mug from saying “I’ll be your credit…. If you’ll be my debit.” This mug will put a smile on their face throughout those long hours during tax season. You can also grab this mug here for the accountant in your life that LOVES accounting (maybe a little too much).

Custom Accounting Neck Tie

Upgrade their wardrobe with this custom tie from Zazzle! You can design a one-of-a-kind tie to match any suit, dress shirt, and occasion. You can even upload your own unique images and patterns, or browse thousands of other designs to wear in the office or for a night out on the town. This tie is perfect for any accountant with a sense of humor! 

Accounting Pencil

Everyone knows how important it is for an accountant to have a few spare pencils lying around. So, why not get them a whole bundle for Valentine’s Day? These pencils have a five-star rating on Etsy and come with different engraved sayings on each pencil. This will be the perfect add-on gift to give to your accountant this Valentine’s Day. Check out some of the phrases below:

  • Accountants work their assets off
  • It’s accrual world
  • LIFO the party
  • Be audit you can be
  • Please excuse me accrued humor
  • And more!

Business Card Holder

Even though many of us aren’t back in the office yet and aren’t on our regular schedule of meeting with clients, business cards remain important to have. Get your accountant a custom business card holder with their title and name engraved into the wood to liven up their desk. 


Every accountant deserves a custom notebook that fits their accounting lifestyle! Etsy has great notebooks for accountants. Grab one of these before they run out!

Really show that accountant in your life your feelings towards them this Valentine’s Day with this “I Love My Awesome Accountant” notebook on Amazon! You can’t beat the price and even though they might be embarrassed to bring that into the office, we’re all working from home anyways!

With all these great gifts, you’re bound to find the accountant in your life the perfect Valentine’s Day present. When you do, tweet at us @AccountingSeed, and show us what gift you gave! We’d love to hear from you.

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