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Top 5 Things to Do Before the End of Summer

Don’t let quarantine get in the way of experiencing awesome places and fun events as we near the end of summer 2020. There are a lot of exciting virtual events happening that are a fun way for you and your family to spend quality time together. Explore some of the best virtual happenings below! 

Virtual Trip around the United Kingdom

Don’t wait months to plan your trip to the U.K.! Instead, visit Buckingham Palace, Stonehenge, or even the Giant’s Causeway without ever leaving your home! Parkdean Resorts in the U.K. provides ways for you to see the best of Britain while still under the roof of your home.

  • It would be foolish to travel all the way to the United Kingdom and not visit Buckingham Palace. Take a tour of the entire palace without the stress of crowds and ticket costs. Check out Queen Elizabeth’s home on this virtual tour. 
  • Another must-see is Stonehenge. It is estimated that it was built as far back as 3,000 BCE. Take a 360-degree tour of this famous landmark all while sitting on your couch. 
  • There are tons of other popular spots including the Tower of London, Roman Baths, Giants Causeway, and more! Tour all of them out by visiting this website.

Arts Across America – The Kennedy Center

The Kennedy Center collaborated with arts organizations from coast to coast to produce what they are calling, Arts Across America. Arts Across America is a 20-week series of free, online program available on Facebook Live, YouTube, and on their website. The series is five days a week, Monday through Friday, at 4 p.m. ET. If you are interested in seeing some amazing performing arts shows, this series is for you! Visit their website here to watch past performances and see who is performing for the weeks of summer 2020. 

Virtual Zoo Visits

Are your kids missing the opportunity to go to the zoo and visit and learn about all the exotic animals that live there? Riverbanks Zoo, in Columbia, S.C., is streaming Z-Learning live on their Facebook page every weekday at 10 a.m. ET so that kids can meet and learn about animals virtually. 

Your students or children will explore the animals’ habitats while also learning about the kinds of things they eat, what they need to survive, and their natural habitats. Go to their Facebook page every day, Monday through Friday, at 10 a.m. ET to check out all the animals that Riverbanks Zoo has to show off. 

Monterey Jazz Festival

If you are looking for something later into September, we’ve got an awesome Jazz Festival going virtual for its 63rd annual event. On Sept. 25-27, 2020, the festival will stream live on YouTube. Check out the artists that will be performing here.

COVID-19 Can’t Stop Summer 2020

With things on pause in the world, it’s hard to find fun things to keep you and your family busy during these times. We know virtual isn’t the same as the real thing, but exploring the virtual experience can be fun too (and a lot cheaper!) If an event you planned to go to this summer got canceled, check online and see if it moved to a virtual experience. You’ll be surprised how many virtual events you can find to keep you and the family occupied for the rest of summer 2020!

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