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Top 5 Summer Books for Business Leaders

Company leaders, looking for summer books? Here are five summer reads, from new Forbes authors to seasoned influencers, you should check out right now! 

1. Win at Work and Succeed at Life

First on our summer books list 2021 is a piece by five-time international bestseller, Michael Hyatt. Hyatt is no stranger to great, insightful writing. In fact, this Forbes featured author has several works we could recommend. However, his latest work, Win at Work and Succeed at Life: 5 Principles to Free Yourself from the Cult of Overwork, seems the most appropriate for today’s work-from-home world. In a time where working remotely is taking on the rise in corporate life, burnout is a real issue. Therefore, balance in work and life is essential, which is what Hyatt covers here. Get great insight on how to rethink work and productivity from the ground up, as well establishing a work-life balance for ultimate success! 

2. Iconoclasm: A Survival Guide in the Post Pandemic Economy

Accounting Seed’s own CEO, Tony Zorc, released his premier book, Iconoclasm: A Survival Guide in the Post Pandemic Economy, in April 2021. Zorc redefines the concept of thinking outside of the box entirely through the iconoclast formula – challenge, design, execute. COVID, perhaps more than any other event, has forced us into a world we didn’t expect to be in. For organizations and individuals to survive and thrive, they needed to adapt. They needed to adopt an iconoclast mindset

You can download a copy of his book for only 99 cents on Kindle. Order your copy today! Or, learn more iconoclasm at  

3. Mission Matters

Why are entrepreneurs successful? The next selection on our summer books list is Mission Matters: World’s Leading Entrepreneurs Reveal Their Top Tips To Success. According to author Adam Torres, both success and failure are critical components. In volume four of this text, Torres writes about 18 professionals who share their lessons on leadership to guide and inspire you. Other topics include:

  • How digital transformation is imperative for companies.
  • What creating your dream retirement looks like.
  • How to create a result-driven culture in your company.

Check out the book here.

4. Shift the Work

We’ve all been in a rut where we wonder, why go on? Or perhaps you feel yourself questioning your role and purpose at work. Shift the Work: The Revolutionary Science of Moving From Apathetic to All in Using Your Head, Heart and Gut by Joe Mechlinski takes these questions head on. While 2020’s epidemic is COVID, Mechlinski has described workplace apathy and anxiety as issues plaguing the office for far longer. Even with the shift to digital workplaces, these issues can still persist and accelerate. Inspired by neuroscience research, Mechlinski delves into his own journey to find meaningful work-life balance and inspiration to show how you can do the same.

5. The Currency of Gratitude

We don’t often pair gratitude with the workplace, but it’s an essential virtue in both business and life. New Forbes author Michele Bailey’s latest book, The Currency of Gratitude: Turning Small Gestures Into Powerful Business Results, examines the value of human interaction in a world of technology. Bailey argues that heartfelt, direct communication steeped in gratitude can grow and sustain a business far better than any targeted technology. She also goes on to reveal examples of why making gratitude a priority enables businesses to attract and retain top talent and clients. Gratitude is also essential for morale and increasing employee engagement and productivity. This human connection is also key to building brand ambassadors that are important for growth.

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