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Top 13 Benefits of Automated Accounting

Accounting was one of the first business processes to transform into IT software to save time from manual data entry. Today, automated accounting is a critical tool for efficient workflows and data accuracy. Furthermore, here are the top 13 benefits of automated accounting. 

Why is Automation A Game Changer?

We keep emphasizing that automation is a gamechanger, but why? Accounting automation brings two core improvements to both business and financial management teams. 

  1. Faster Accounting
    Simple, repetitive tasks are set to perform automatically without the need to manually adding or changing data. Transactional processes like bills, payables, and reconciliations are processed with the click of a button. Automated accounting removes the burden of having to re-check data and perform unnecessary reconciliations. More importantly, this saves time and money while letting you prioritize high-level tasks.
  2. More Accurate Data
    Automation rules complete processes on time and allow data to conform to standards and user requirements. Unlike spreadsheets, automated accounting systems update the record for you in real-time when changes occur. Additionally, relevant data is consistently logged and updated, ensuring errors are absent and that information remains consistent. This means leaders have faster answers to important business questions. 

But, this isn’t all. Automation has expanded to automate and regulate nearly every factor of the accounting life cycle. Companies can expedite, control, and maintain more hands-free accounting while also getting better use out of their data. Additionally, organizations can easily pivot to virtual work, which is becoming more attractive and practical. 

Remember, automation is rule-based. Therefore, with a flexible accounting solution, every aspect of financial management is automated. Users simply define the rules of a process and implement them. This gives you endless options to enhance everything from compliance to security.  

Top 13 Benefits of Automated Accounting

To say automation just makes accounting faster and easier is a major understatement. Harnessed correctly, users have virtually unlimited benefits. Here are benefits many overlook. 

Many think accounting automation is just transactional-focused – like automated billing. But, the reality is that automation is much more. In fact, businesses utilize in-depth integrations to accomplish multiple tasks and requirements with nothing more than a single button click. First, look for intuitive and flexible automation functions in every accounting solution you browse. These will make the difference in giving you all these benefits and more. Why settle for a system that doesn’t let you tap the full potential of automated accounting? 

Your Automated Accounting Solution: Accounting Seed

Accounting Seed is a modern, robust accounting platform powered by the Salesforce platform.  In addition, we’re breaking down silos and building connections to take your business to the next level. For instance, we do this is by embracing flexibility and automation in every aspect of our design. Lastly, whatever you can put to logic, we automate!

The features listed above are all available on Accounting Seed right out of the box. Schedule a free demo here or contact us today to begin our conversation. 

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Get a close-up view of how accounting on Salesforce can eliminate the need for costly integrations—and silos of mismatched information—by sharing the same database as your CRM.

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