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Three Ways Our App Puts The “Fun” Back in Fund Accounting

A common system conundrum Nonprofit organizations often face is how to best tie their relationships or donors to their accounting data.  Regardless if your organization tracks grants or donations, its contacts, fundraising, and back office data do not have to be managed on separate platforms.  They all can be seamlessly tied together using a native Salesforce application like Accounting Seed.

Here are three reasons why Nonprofit organizations will enjoy Accounting Seed and its native Salesforce functionality:

  • No Integrations– Accounting Seed with Salesforce’s Nonprofit Success Pack make it easy for organizations to keep track of their donors and insure money is allocated to the appropriate program. For instance, all of your constituent information, funds received, and financial data are managed directly on a single platform.  More specifically, you do not have to jump between two separate systems or rely on middleware to connect front and back office data.
  • Easy to Customize– Being natively built on the platform, Accounting Seed shares the same data objects and Open Architecture flexibility as Salesforce.  Therefore, Nonprofits have the ability to customize workflows to their specific needs such as creating a process trigger that will have donations split accordingly and then tied back to Accounting Seed’s general ledger in a pre-determined way.
  • Automates Your Fund Accounting- With a simple click of a button, Nonprofits are able to create journal entries based on their donations while having them automatically aggregated to the general ledger. In addition, Accounting Seed serves as the bridge between your donation records and your bank by enabling you to sync funds with bank records and ensure money is going into the right place. Finally, when it comes to grants, Accounting Seed’s Project Accounting  tools offer organizations a real-time efficient way to track money, expenses, and any events associated with a particular grant.

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