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TaskRay Integration

When we designed Accounting Seed, we built it natively so that our users could get the best experience possible. This allows customers to operate their whole business on one platform.  It also allows us to set up integrations with other native applications allowing you to sync other business processes to our application.  One of these native applications that integrates to Accounting Seed is TaskRay by Bracket Labs.


TaskRay is a collaborative project management tool that links directly to Salesforce and Chatter.  It allows you to work with teammates to work together on projects, determine timelines, and share collateral.   It also allows you to create tasks and assign them to team members all within Salesforce. The time management feature is where it pairs perfectly with Accounting Seed.

This integration would not be possible without the help of one of our great partners, Modacto. When one of our customers needed their time management to link to their project management, Modacto stepped up to the plate. They designed a solution that worked perfectly for the customer as well as many other customizations to make their business run smoothly.


Once you have completed a project in TaskRay you can go in and enter the time you spent on it. This field automatically updates the coordinating time card entry. It eliminates the duplicate data between your project management and your time management for seamless entry.



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