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Supporting the Salesforce Ecosystem One General Ledger at a Time

After reading this great blog by Salesforce—”The Salesforce Economy to Create 3.3 Million New Jobs by 2022“—I am very optimistic about the future of cloud computing and the potential growth for the Salesforce ecosystem. More specifically, I am excited to learn about the global economic impact Salesforce, its ecosystem of partners and customers, will bring to job creation and the GDP by the end of 2020. These projections, along with the overall Salesforce marketplace surpassing more than four million AppExchange installs, are quite amazing accomplishments.

Since 2008, Accounting Seed has been a Salesforce ISV partner. Our focus is providing a native Cloud Accounting application that is built exclusively for the Salesforce platform. In doing so, we sell our application to Salesforce users worldwide on the AppExchange. Accounting Seed has been on the AppExchange for more than five years. We have seen our application grow alongside Salesforce both in functionality and user adoption. While we are one company in a diverse ecosystem of Salesforce ISVs and consultants, our success is still often spurred by innovations from Salesforce in cloud computing, its growing customer adoption, and our overall journey as an AppExchange partner.

When we first joined the AppExchange program, we had a handful of customer reviews.  Today, we have more than 235 customer reviews and a nearly five-star rating, making Accounting Seed one of the top rated native accounting applications on Salesforce.  Two major factors for our growth and success are the contributions Salesforce added to their CRM cloud offerings and the feedback driven by our overall customer community. From Salesforce’s earliest innovations such as the platform for developing apps to their Lightning User Interface, Accounting Seed continues to stay current with supporting Salesforce CRM product enhancements.  

In addition, we continuously evolve our accounting and order management tool set with new features and functionality.  Some of the new features we added over the past year include:

And, just like Salesforce, we plan to add several new features in the near future and by 2020.  Our goal as a Salesforce ISV Silver partner is to combine CRM and Accounting with more flexibility than any other business management solution on the market.  Ultimately, our contributions can be reflected in the long-term investment benefits to implementing Salesforce by the overall increase in customer productivity and operational efficiencies.  We take pride in knowing that our users can both automate and manage their back-office and business operations all-in-one place. 

I look forward to what the future holds for cloud computing and the opportunities it brings to the Salesforce ecosystem.

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