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Six Striking Features Lightning Adds To Your Back Office

Last month, Salesforce launched its highly anticipated Summer ‘17 Lightning Release. As with every Lightning release, I am compelled to test drive it to see how the back office and Accounting Seed can benefit from the enhanced UI experience. Below are six features in Lightning I believe will greatly compliment your Accounting tasks in conjunction with Accounting Seed.

More Flexibility on Salesforce Data Record Pages

In Lightning, users have increased flexibility to expand and collapse a portion or section of information without impacting the entire page view. This functionality provides for an easier and more digestible view of data on pages such as the Account Record and other Salesforce Lightning supported pages. In addition, you have the option to choose from several page view templates, determine the number of recently viewed items you want displayed, and select the number of buttons you want shown or categorized in a drop-down view for each record page.

Enhanced Reporting Tool

Lightning includes several great enhancements to reporting. First, you can quickly change the look of your financial or any dashboard reports. More importantly, you can easily configure chart views on the fly without having to go into the user settings of Salesforce. Also, you have the ability to analyze all or specific data tied to your report by clicking directly on a desired chart element. Another great feature in Lightning is the report filters. For instance, you can easily change the date and range for your Billing Aging Report directly in the user interface. Conversely, Salesforce Admins can lock the filtering criteria on any company reports viewed in Lightning to minimize error or accidental altering by staff.

Dynamic List Views

Salesforce has added a whole new level of dynamism to their list views in Lightning. For starters, the main menu navigation tabs allow you to create a new transaction or jump to a recently viewed list of items with a click of button. This can be very useful when managing payables in Accounting Seed because it provides you with an alternative method to quickly produce a new or review a recent billing record straight from the menu tab. Also, charts are included in the list view for an added graphical representation and preview of the accounting data selected. Along with the charts, Lightning features a useful mechanism to visually organize and group data by fields called the Kanban view. With the Kanban view, you can effortlessly create a list view summary of recurring payables and group them according to payment schedule.

Easy-to-use Favorites

Managing your favorite menu tabs, financial reports, or data records is very easy in the Lightning. Users can simply click on the star icon at the top page to organize, add or remove items from their Favorites list.

Simple Drag and Drop File Functionality

Whether it is a vendor invoice, proposal, or bank statement, Salesforce makes it nearly effortless to append file attachments. Now, you can save time uploading files to any data record by capitalizing on the Lightning drag and drop file functionality.

Easier to Manage Customizations

Salesforce has streamlined for the better how to navigate and customize objects and fields in Lightning. For instance, you can access your custom labels and field names all-in-one place through the Lightning Setup’s Object Manager. Furthermore, the Object Manager includes a menu sidebar to quickly review and navigate by category function more details about a custom object.

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