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Salesforce UK Users Choose Accounting Seed for 3 Reasons

Successful business owners and Salesforce UK users agree on one thing. In order to run a successful business, you must have a resilient back office. Power up your back office and ensure your team doesn’t fall behind by choosing an accounting solution that can guarantee seamless connectivity between your back office and the rest of your business.

First of all, there are countless reasons why Salesforce UK users need an innovative, well-connected accounting solution. But, our customers in the UK benefit mostly from these three things.

1. Accounting Seed is Value-Added Tax (VAT) Certified

We’re integrated with Avalara for tax management and compliance. They serve tens of thousands of businesses globally. Plus, they process over two billion sales and tax transactions annually. Most noteworthy, AvaTax integrates with the Accounting Seed Billing object. This allows users to validate shipping and billing addresses. Also, it automatically configures sales tax calculation inside of Accounting Seed. Avalara is a wonderful tool that comes out-of-the-box with Accounting Seed. As a result, users are able to review processes and file VAT returns, as well as import and reconcile business data with VAT Reporting.

2. Our Multi-Currency Functionality Is Very Dynamic

Salesforce UK users don’t let borders stop them from expanding their company’s reach. Similarly, Accounting Seed’s foreign currency functionality enables users to bill customers and receive payments for any currency. Likewise, foreign vendor invoices can also be paid and managed with the same ease. No matter what currency is exchanged. Also, our system will record gains or losses based on fluctuations in foreign currency exchange rates. Of course, these are made in accordance with standard accounting pronouncements.

Furthermore, we enable Salesforce UK users to manage their business’ finances with confidence and accuracy. For instance, Accounting Seed automates everything related to managing multiple currencies to save time and money. Our software utilizes present and accurate exchange rates to configure currency conversions. Rest assured, our application gives instant access to information on currency gains and losses. Also, it allows you to produce reports in multiple currencies.

3. Financial Reporting

Salesforce UK users can create unique financial reports with Accounting Seed. As a result, they can control all the ways information is presented to their team or external parties. For instance, users are able to modify rows and columns by pointing and clicking to compare and analyze data. Also, they can add custom calculations and formatting to present and highlight key information.

Custom financial reports include the following features:

  • Comparative of budget to actual
  • Budget to budget
  • Actual to actual
  • Year-to-date reporting
  • Month-to-date reporting
  • Custom calculations on any row
  • Custom calculations on any column
  • Report on relative accounting periods

Other Notable Reasons Why Salesforce UK Users Choose Accounting Seed

First, our support system, partners network, and staff have great reviews and have been awarded for their hard work. Accounting Seed was awarded the “Best Support” in the mid-market region by G2 and SoftwareReviews last year.

Secondly, our application allows for several different levels of access to your financials. You can manage your team members’ access levels based on how you see fit. These include: limited view access, cash-in, project management, and time and expense entry. This becomes very useful for working with remote workers, employees in different locations or countries. You can learn about some of our other internal control platform features here.

Next, our interface is very intuitive and easy to navigate. Most users don’t even realize they’re in Accounting Seed their first demo, because the application is set up exactly the same as Salesforce! This allows for quick learning and easy navigation through our system.

Finally, Accounting Seed can be used outside of Salesforce, as well. If your company doesn’t utilize Salesforce, no problem. Our solution can be used as a standalone and can run entirely by itself. Contact an account executive today to learn more.

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