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Salesforce Higher Education is an Easy A

As COVID-19 restrictions begin to lift, universities and higher education centers are looking forward to a return to in-person classes. With this uptick in activity, IT solutions remain quintessential for smooth operations. To cope with the demands of higher education, many institutions use Salesforce Education Cloud.  Let’s examine the advantages of these high-level features.  

What is Salesforce Higher Education?

Salesforce higher education primarily refers to the Education Cloud package geared for higher learning institutions. So really, we have to ask: what is the Salesforce Education Cloud

Salesforce Education Cloud

Education Cloud provides an IT platform to manage everything from internal operations to learner engagement in a single home. This an optimal tool for both remote learning and for facilities that are beginning to reopen safely. As COVID-19 winds down, Education Cloud continues to help provide the best educational experience possible.

Running an education center is a challenge. There are many factors both internally with administration and externally with student engagement and recruitment. Education Cloud eliminates the struggle to find and use critical data by streamlining mission-critical processes. Data stored in one app can be shared immediately with another on the platform, in real-time. Additional features include: 

Education Data Architecture (EDA)

EDA is a flexible data architecture created to configure Salesforce specifically for education management. Easily track activities, relationships, and relevant data of students, staff, clubs, and more in a single view. No more hunting for critical data to do your job! Additionally, EDA can be configured to meet the unique requirements of the institution. This eliminates the need for custom coding to get the required functionality. Instead, use simple drag-and-drop tools to create custom objects, fields, and modules.

Admissions Connect

Admissions Connect is admissions Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software that helps teams meaningfully engage applicants and streamline admissions management. Consolidating applicant data and other information into a single database increases both access and security. All of this dramatically cuts the need for manually processing data and updating information. Instead, institutions can prioritize forging strong relations and enhancing education efforts.

Advisor Link

The Salesforce Advisor Link empowers advisors to more efficiently engage with students and provide better, faster assistance. The solution helps advisors quickly identify and monitor risks, and remain in contact with students to provide further assistance.

Re-Open Safely with Education Cloud 

One of the core Salesforce higher education cloud functions is to help leaders reopen schools while safely navigating COVID-19.

Use Workplace Command Center to make data-driven decisions for returning to campus safely by monitoring cases. Education Cloud also works with Salesforce Vaccine Cloud to track the entire vaccination process. Schools can also utilize Wellness Checks and Contact Tracing to monitor cases and schedule appointments. 

Major Results with Salesforce Education Cloud

Salesforce is the #1 CRM in the world for a reason: it delivers results. Salesforce Education Cloud is no different. Some customers reported up to an 11% increase in enrollments alone. Everything from admissions and recruitment to core operations is more streamlined, unified, and accessible than ever before. Additionally, Salesforce Cloud Education is equipped with the flexibility to adjust and be used however you need. Among other benefits, the platform frees your time and resources to accomplish significant milestones as an educators. Other documented results include: 

  • 80% Increase in staff productivity 
  • 60% Reduction in IT costs
  • 40% Increase in student engagement 

Combined with other native Salesforce solutions, Education Cloud provides a single hub for all organizational needs. This frees educators to focus on delivering the best learning experience.

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