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Navigating Accounting Seed

When you first download Accounting Seed, it can seem a little bit overwhelming. Once you know your way around though it is easy to find all your financial data! There are 

a few basic things that will help you on your way to get up and running with Accounting Seed.

Where Should I Start?

The first step is installing Accounting Seed into whichever Salesforce instance you want. Follow the steps listed in this article to learn how to do this. Once you do this, follow the rest of the setup steps, and then you are ready to get started! Accounting Seed has all the master data pre-populated with factory standard settings, but if you need to change them, you can find it all under Accounting Master Data.


What Should I Do if I Get Stuck?

 With any new product, questions will always arise as you are starting out. In order to make your accounting system transition as simple as possible, we have an extensive knowledge base for our customers. We also have it embedded in our product so you can always get to it easily. If you need more help, you can always log a case with our support team by emailing


Where Will Most of my Day to Day Transactions Be?

If you go to the Accounting Transactions section of Accounting Seed, this will be where most of your day to day activities will live. Accounts Payable, Billings, Bank Reconciliations, etc are all housed in this section.


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