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MTD for Accounting Seed Now Recognized by HMRC

Accounting Seed’s Making Tax Digital (MTD) status has been officially recognized by Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC). This comes with the introduction of MTD for Accounting Seed, a preconfigured extension created with Alpha Index. MTD for Accounting delivers a seamless value-added tax (VAT) return to HMRC right from Accounting Seed. What this all means for U.K. businesses, is a more streamlined  HMRC VAT return submission process. 

Shane Deacon, Vice President of Accounting Seed’s Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) division said: 

“We are thrilled that MTD for Accounting Seed, developed by Alpha Index, has been recognized by HMRC. This brings even greater support for VAT/MTD to our users, enabling a complete digital journey from Accounting Seed to HMRC. 

Faster, Easier HMRC VAT

Appearing on the official software page is a huge statement. This ensures U.K. users that Accounting Seed is VAT compliant and recognized by the HMRC  as a viable MTD solution. Managing the VAT process is now only clicks away all within the Accounting Seed platform. Because Accounting Seed is native to Salesforce, the entire process from sales to accounting to VAT submission can be on Platform©. 

With MTD for Accounting Seed you can: 

  • Process your VAT return
  • Validate your VAT return
  • Directly submit your VAT return to HMRC
  • Post your VAT return in Accounting Seed
  • Ensure compliance with record locking

You can see a brief demo here:

Accounting Seed and Alpha Index

Accounting Seed’s flexibility and the technical prowess of Alpha Index offer U.K. customers, particularly Salesforce users, a truly reliable MTD process. 

Philip Meldrum, Managing Director at Alpha Index reflects on this collaboration:

Passing the HMRC fraud prevention requirements was a challenge, but now Accounting Seed users in the U.K. have all their VAT compliance needs right inside the package.

Additionally, Alpha Index offers Accounting Seed users support through the whole HMRC VAT process from setup to submission. This gives you the peace of mind that your VAT return will be filed on time and correctly.

A Win for Customers

What are customers saying about MTD for Accounting Seed and Alpha Index? Michael Shepherd, head of finance at Co-operatives UK says:

They [Alpha Index] were really helpful and came to our aid in a time of high stress for Co-operatives UK.

Located outside of the U.K.? No problem, our partnership also offers Tax compliance modules for other countries covering VAT/GST/IVA submissions. For more details please contact

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