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JCCSF Poised for 80% Increase in Financial Efficiency with Accounting Seed

February 25, 2021 (Columbia, Md.) – Nonprofit organization, The Jewish Community Center of San Francisco (JCCSF), moved to Accounting Seed during the height of the pandemic in San Francisco. In a few months, JCCSF achieved a 60% improvement in the efficiency of its accounting processes and is poised to reach 80% in 2021.

“Our accounting software was sitting on an old server-based platform on-premises,” said Marina Peterson, CMA, Director of Accounting and Administration at JCCSF. “After four-months [with Accounting Seed], our accounting process has improved by 60%.”

Single Source of Truth

A major aspect that pushed JCCSF onto Accounting Seed was the precise, real-time reporting. Combined with the power of Salesforce, JCCSF now has all of its transaction, accounting, and qualitative data in one location.

“We built our dashboards with our financial information right against our registration records, our new sales, and our membership levels […] all in one place,” said Peterson.

Streamlined Accounts Payable Process

In 2020, JCCSF closed the entire center for an extended period of time. This closure forced them to make changes to their accounts payable (AP) process. Their antiquated AP process involved sending paper invoices around and email approvals. Now, JCCSF has a cloud-based and paperless process, with simple routing and audit friendly approval reporting.

“We leveraged approval processes and routing. The record starts in Accounting Seed and people can collaborate on the same record and add their information. Then, approvals kick in, leaving a nice audit trail,” said Peterson.

Accounting Seed Improves Efficiency

With a streamlined AP process and custom reporting tools, JCCSF realized the impact in just four months. In fact, Peterson gave Salesforce access to their auditors, saving time and improving accuracy.

“Within one fiscal year, I’m projecting that we save 80% of the daily repetitive task time. This is my goal for the accounting department,” said Peterson.

To read JCCSF’s full success story, click here.

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