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Honor Thy Accountants: International Accounting Day

What do Accountants want this International Accounting Day 2021? Recognition! Behind the scenes of every company, sits an accountant, or team of accountants, crunching numbers. Here’s how you can celebrate International Accounting Day: November 10, 2021!

Behind The Scenes And Weathering Storms

The job of an accountant is more complicated than you may think. An accountant ensures that a company or organization is efficiently operating by accessing their financial records. Duties include analyzing data, finance reports, budgets, tax returns, and accounting records. They send financial reports to clients that include current financial status and future trends. The list goes on, but the most critical role an accountant plays is the curator of accounting data. They translate the financial dimensions of your organization into actionable strategies to make the best business decisions possible. Using time, money, and resources effectively is essential for achieving business goals. If your business weathered the COVID-19 storm of 2020 and 2021, odds are your accountants were invaluable in helping you keep your organization on track. 

Fun Activities For International Accounting Day!

Often overlooked, and constantly working, accountants are in demand more than ever. Even as many accountants switch to remote or hybrid work styles, the job remains demanding. Burnout is on the rise in the accounting community, leaving many professionals stressed against the workload back of COVID. Use today to not only  acknowledge your accountants and their important work but also take a break for some fun! Here are some ideas.

1. Accounting Day Happy Hour

 To combat accounting-based burnout, consider having a virtual happy hour or similar event to give them a break from work! This can either be done virtually or in-person. Take a poll so see what your team would prefer.

2. Email Of Appreciation

Everyone loves to feel valued. The simple act of thanking your accounting staff will be a huge boost in morale. Consider sending the email company-wide so that others may voice their appreciation. You can also email your accountants gifts like virtual gift cards! Why not pull the company together to buy gift cards collectively? This way everyone has the opportunity to give your accountant a small symbol of appreciation. 

3. Outdoor Fun

Fall is finally here, take advantage of the cool weather and fresh smells to host a small event outside. Bring out games or even just host a company lunch outside to celebrate your accounting department!

4. Gift Baskets

Who doesn’t like receiving gifts? Take the time to gather a few simple gifts like candy, mugs, maybe a bag of coffee or tea, and send them out to your accounting team. For more gift ideas, check out our gifts for accountants blog

5. Early Time Off

Odds are your accountants work past normal hours. One thing you could do to help them regroup and refocus is to let them have a little free time off. Perhaps let them take a half day today or let them off early Friday to start the weekend with a blast. 

Whatever you do, simple thank yous always go a long way! What can also go a long way is giving your accountants the most top-notch accounting software to work with!

Empower Your Accountants With The Latest Technology

How can you celebrate International Accounting Day? Besides thanking your accountants and throwing a happy hour, they’ll appreciate a reliable, easy-to-use accounting tool.  Accounting Seed is an innovative, robust accounting platform that transforms the way you do accounting: flexible, collaborative, connected, and trusted. Accountants and other users can easily customize and configure Accounting Seed to meet essential requirements for facilitating smooth workflows and easier accounting.

We give your financial experts a 360-degree view of your business to eliminate uncertainties and errors, making their job a lot easier! Schedule a free demo today to explore how Accounting Seed helps you manage finances your way.

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