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Five Fab Features in Buttercup For Simplifying Your Payables and PO Process

Regardless of whether you provide goods or services, every organization has their own systematic process for recording and receiving payments. The same holds true with purchasing items from vendors or suppliers. The devil is in the details when it comes to managing your back office. An accounting application that provides functionality for effectively tracking and streamlining such workflows is a huge time saver for both you and your staff.

In Accounting Seed’s latest Buttercup release, these five cool features have been added specifically for simplifying your Billing and Purchase Order workflows:

  1. Reverse Apply Cash Disbursements to Payables: Staying on top of cash payments received is easy in Accounting Seed. And now, with a click of a button, you are also able to import and associate Cash Disbursements to any posted Accounts Payable.
  2. Manage Recurring Payables and Billings in Any Time Frame: Accounting Seed gives you the flexibility to set-up and calculate payments automatically. You can utilize its intelligent list views and formula fields to calculate payments in a monthly, annual, or any specified time frame.
  3. Include Journal Entry Lines to Your Bank Deposits: Keeping track of Bank Deposits goes hand-in-hand with faster bank reconciliation. When documenting a Bank Deposit in Accounting Seed, you not only have the ability to add or filter by Cash Receipts but now you can also add Journal Entry records too.
  4. Create a Drop Ship PO Directly from a Sales Order: New, in our Buttercup release, you have the option to Drop Ship Purchase Orders straight from a Sales Order if desired.
  5. New Grid Row Entry Option for Purchase and Sales Orders: For those looking for a simpler way to denote multiple product or part information on Sales and Purchase Orders, Accounting Seed has added a New Grid Entry feature that will fulfill your Order taking needs. This new feature enables you to quickly mass add or remove line items on a Purchase Order and Sales Order through an easy-to-use table like form.

In addition to the Accounts Payable and Order Management features offered in our Buttercup Release, Accounting Seed provides a robust set of tools and functionality to automate your accounting on Salesforce.

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