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Featured Partner: Harvest Solutions

At Accounting Seed, we pride ourselves on our extensive partner network. Our solution was designed with our customers needs in mind. We wanted our product to be flexible enough that our customers were able to customize it to meet their exact business practices. To help our customers with these changes, we rely on partners to help customize our application to the specifications of our customers. One system integration partner we are happy to be partnered with is Harvest Solutions.

Harvest Solutions is a consulting firm specializing in small to medium size businesses. They provide a variety of services to increase the effectiveness of CRM systems, including needs assessment, customization, implementation, data integration, training and support. They can also take your Accounting and other processes to the next level. We recently led a webinar with them where they demonstrated the customization that they had done for a manufacturing customer. They were able to take the solid base of our product and customize it so the customer was able to see all the information they needed. A couple examples of customizations are: allowed the capability for multiple shipping and billing addresses for one account, put finance controls right on the account page so they were able to see the customer’s credit limits, holds, etc, and add a tool to automatically calculate shipping for a specific product.

To learn more about Harvest Solutions, visit their website at harvestsolutions.net. If you want more information about our product do not hesitate to reach out!

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