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Cloud Computing: Making Life Easier for IT Managers

We’ve told you why Accountants should switch to Cloud Computing, but it is now becoming the way of the future for IT managers as well.

Benefits for IT Managers

IT managers are looking to decrease their server management load, or at the very least keep it at its current level.  This is much easier to do when switching to a cloud computing platform. It allows them to streamline their processes and have less servers taking up space and requiring management.   This will not be an overnight shift, IT managers will have physical servers for years to come, but the number will be less and less as each year passes.  This will give them more time to perform other essential job tasks.  It also saves them money on maintenance costs, as well as minimizing the need to customize and maintain software.

Future of Physical Servers

Next year a huge percentage of physical servers shipped will be shipped to cloud service providers.  According to a recent article by CIO, this number could be as high as 30%.  They estimate that by 2017, this number will be as high as 50%.  Large cloud providers are seeking an opposite approach of IT managers and looking to buy as many servers as they can so that they are able to keep up with the demand for cloud based technology.

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