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Cloud-Based Accounting Software Benefits In Crises

Remote accounting during crises is critical for business and employee safety. In the midst of the crisis, you still have operations to maintain in order to efficiently function while achieving goals. When you leverage cloud-based accounting technology, your business won’t skip a beat.

Physical Safety Meets Financial Health

Users need to conduct remote accounting even during difficult periods. What’s so advantageous about cloud-based accounting software is that you don’t need to be in an office location. Team members can access the technology and manage the accounting anywhere, any time. When natural crises do occur, your ability to pay bills and process revenue doesn’t suffer. Instead, you have total control over finances and can still monitor your financial health.  

In fact, remote accounting, or cloud accounting, empowers teams to remain active in maintaining your organization. During times of crisis, many companies face delayed business or must close part of operations. Shifting your operations to cloud-based tools, including accounting tools, lets you keep working. With accounting, this means you also have real-time data on how your company is performing whether you’re at home, in the field, or in the office. Cloud-based accounting takes issues of location out of the equation. 

Benefits of Cloud-Based Accounting Software

The cloud has made remote work and cloud accounting not only available, but practical. It’s clear that modern businesses must be able to work from home and strategically manage operations independent of a central setting. Businesses that use cloud-based technology are equipped to deal with any type of emergency while also gaining true value from their accounting.  

Safer, Stronger Accounting

Cloud-based accounting apps offer several core benefits to any business in every situation: 

  • Accounting solution access anywhere, anytime
  • Faster billing and accounting tasks through automation 
  • More accurate, real-time accounting data
  • Collaboration with staff regardless of physical location
  • Enhanced security because accounting data is stored on the Cloud

Of course, some cloud-based accounting solutions are stronger, more optimized for remote accounting than others. You still need to coordinate work effectively. When you look for a remote accounting tool, be sure it has strong platform features. 

Cloud-Based Accounting Platform Features

Platform functions are tools within the accounting system that let you communicate. Users can also share and update data, secure information, and manage operations within the system. Although these are not accounting functions they do optimize how users work within the accounting tool. They give you full control over the accounting data and process. 

Many standard accounting applications don’t possess these features. However, cloud accounting platforms, like Accounting Seed, are equipped with tools to empower remote accounting. Features like Chatter are among several platform functions that let you seamlessly protect and run your accounting anywhere. 

3 Tips for Remote Accounting

Natural crises can create several problems for any normal business. But, users can easily overcome these challenges with cloud technology. Here are three best practices for utilizing remote accounting effectively.

  • Establish expectations and timelines
    Debits and credits still need to be managed to ensure your business runs smoothly. Establish a schedule of tasks and rules for your team so that your finances remain on track. Platform tools like Tasks, Approvals, and Workflow Rules are very useful for this. 
  • Stay connected
    Your team must be able to work on accounts and discuss finances cohesively to provide the best financial analysis. Additionally, communication is central to helping avoid mistakes and addressing pressing needs. Make sure your team routinely engages on and reviews the data. A feature like Salesforce Chatter lets accounting team members talk to one another, and the group, instantly.
  • Run regular financial reports
    Being aware of your finances, particularly during a crisis, is essential for business. Stay on top of how events and initiatives are affecting your financial health by running scheduled financial reports. These reports will indicate what is and isn’t returning on investment to help you conserve resources. Strong reporting features will also help you plan ahead for future revenue opportunities.


Save Money Switching to Cloud with Accounting Seed

Transitions can be scary, especially during periods of crisis or uncertainty, but cloud-based accounting software helps you remain in control no matter where you are. Being able to analyze and manage finances in real-time is essential for maintaining operations. Cost-saving adjustments and answers are just a click away! That’s over a year’s access to fast, easy-to-use, and flexible accounting software that you can use remotely just as easily as in the office. 

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