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Become a Salesforce Expert with Salesforce Trailhead

Are you looking to learn more and expand your knowledge about Salesforce but aren’t sure where to start? Salesforce Trailhead is a fundamental part of your Salesforce learning journey.

What is Trailhead, What Can I Do with It?

Trailhead is the central hub for all official Salesforce training and certification materials. It’s also the place to go for learning about platform updates, new products and features, and how Salesforce is evolving. And, it’s completely free! For many new customers coming onto the Salesforce Platform each day, trailhead is a valuable resource for all the ins and outs that come with Salesforce. Trailhead can even help guide you towards your desired career path based on what you’re good at, what you’re interested in, and how the future of technology may impact your current role. 

The Benefits You Get with Trailhead

Once you are logged into Trailhead and you begin to complete trails, you start to earn badges. The badges are a reflection of your boosted knowledge of Salesforce and are shareable across your connected social media accounts. These are great for establishing knowledge and credibility in the Salesforce ecosystem. The best part about it is that you don’t even need to be a customer of Salesforce to use Trailhead! Anyone can sign up and start taking advantage of this resource. Let’s take a closer look at four benefits that Trailhead provides for its users.

  • Learning the fundamentals of Salesforce

Whether you’re new to Salesforce and want to get to know the platform or you’re an experienced user wanting to expand your knowledge, Trailhead is a great way to do that. Whatever level of expertise you are at with Salesforce, there are paths designed specifically for your knowledge level. You can start at beginner and work up to learn more advanced materials. 

  • Customize paths (Trailmixes) to focus your Salesforce career 

Personalizing anything is a huge factor in how well you will focus on it. That’s why Salesforce let’s you customize paths, called Trailmixes! Trailmixes are custom learning paths that catalog the trails, modules, projects, and superbadges you have, favorited, or would like to complete. As a Salesforce user or admin, one of the primary reasons you’re using it is to be able to connect with customers in personalized ways. Brag about your accomplishments! Compare your paths with other users and have fun with it in a way that suits your goals. 

  • Go at your own pace

With Trailhead, there is no need to rush. This is your time and your education, take it at your own pace! Once you start on a path, there is no pressure to stay and finish the entire journey in one sitting. You can leave it and pick it up whenever and wherever you want. Trailhead is user-friendly and schedule-friendly. Salesforce knows it can be tricky to find time for dedicated learning. 

  • Level up your Salesforce Admin status

With Trailhead, you can level up in your Salesforce Admin status. Trailhead makes it easier for admins to earn higher certifications for achievements. By advancing your status, you can become a greater asset for yourself, your workplace, and your industry. Be sure to add your certifications to your resume and LinkedIn profile! These credentials give you a great competitive edge by highlighting your skills. Get started on the Salesforce Trailhead today at

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