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Back Office Features by the Bunches

Do you have a batch of invoices that need to be emailed to customers?  While you often rely on your accounting software to track the billing process, wouldn’t it be nice to submit all the invoices at once and to multiple clients.  Now you can!

In Accounting Seed’s Financial Suite 3.7 release, we make it possible for you to not only preview or save in PDF but also mass email a set of billings in one batch process.  In one simple click, you can preview an invoice in PDF format or mass email your billings to a designated contact

Along with significantly reducing the time involved with invoicing, we also provide an easier and faster way for you to create custom financial reports.  With our Financial Report Wizard’s Mass Add Rows button, you have the freedom to define a subset of your GL Accounts and quickly add several rows to your custom financial report in just a few easy clicks. Furthermore, you can view the financial report you created as a PDF to print or email.  

From batch Billings to our new Financial Report Wizard, Accounting Seed now enables these common back office tasks to be generated more efficiently and in bunches!    

Contact us, for further information about Accounting Seed and to learn more about the new features available in Financial Suite 3.7.

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