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Automation with Accounting Seed

Accounting Seed is changing the game when it comes to financial management. A major way we are doing this is through our approach to automation. At Accounting Seed, we strive to put the time back in your hands by making our software do the work for you. Whatever you can put to logic, we can automate. Let’s take a look at how.

Accounting Seed is Powered by Salesforce

This means that our product works seamlessly with the Salesforce platform. In fact, with more than 300 reviews, Accounting Seed is the top-rated accounting solution on the Salesforce AppExchange. Accounting Seed is native to the Salesforce CRM. Our system has the power to connect to any of Salesforce’s Ready Apps. This enables our product to seamlessly draw data from any type of business solution your company may need with our easy click-no-code integration. 

As an example, some of our clients have an e-commerce company. Our seamless connection with TopShelf can manage their inventory, ordering, tracking, and printing needs. Our connection with Stripe can manage all of their credit card and ACH needs. While these great integrated apps are managing other areas of our customers’ business, our product manages the financials and data of all of these applications in a single home. Everything is tied to one platform, making it easier for our customers to control their business without having to jump around multiple programs. Accounting Seed fully automates your financial management, making it better for you and your customers. 

Accounting Seed’s Dynamic Dashboards and Reporting Tool

It’s well known that collecting data is one of the keys to success for most businesses. In order to maintain your desired level of success, your company must have a powerful, automated reporting tool that allows your finance experts to drill-down specific sets of data. Accounting Seed offers just that and more. Our reporting and custom dashboard features allow our users to stay ahead of the curve when analyzing data.

How do our users stay ahead of their competition? Our users have more time on their hands for real-time data analysis. Accounting Seed customers spend more time analyzing data than assembling data with our dashboards and reporting features. Compiling and analyzing data can make or break a company. Does your company need to find new pockets of revenue? Our reporting tool can help you with this. 

Accounting in the Cloud

Automation and cloud-based management systems go hand-in-hand in today’s tech world. As we quickly approach the era of “no-code accounting,” with truly zero data entry, automation and cloud accounting ecosystems have significantly reduced the data entry component of bookkeeping. 

Perhaps the most important benefit of working with a cloud-based accounting program is the ability to access your data from anywhere at any time. For instance, when an accountant gives clients access to real-time financial reports, they can make stronger operational decisions based on the real-time data insights from their accounting system. Cloud-based technology allows us to provide you with constant monitoring and updates. 

Having access to real-time data at any time, anywhere is truly a remarkable feature. It gives the user access to so much information whenever they want. This is a game-changer for the business and finance industries. Better business decisions can also be made faster because the information required to analyze return on investment or customer behavior can be examined instantly.


By studying the spending habits of companies looking to expand their reach in 2019, it’s apparent that the best way to go about preparing your company for the future is to invest in automation. Automated financial management is going to happen sooner than you think.

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