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At-Home Workout Options and More During COVID

Practicing good, healthy habits and working out has become a challenge to many given the disruption of COVID-19. During Employee Health & Fitness Month, we encourage everyone to set aside time in their day to be active. Show/tell us how you’ve to cope with the at-home workout routines. We will be posting how some of our own team members have handled the new norm as well! Check them out below!

Home Workout Plan:

Although we all miss going to the gym and the routines we once had, it’s been nice to take advantage of all the free at-home workout classes that have been offered by tons of gyms and fitness programs. To be able to do a workout in the living room or basement, does come with several additional benefits. For example, you do save the commute time as well as other expenses like gas. 

Some of the online classes that the Accounting Seed team has taken part in are yoga classes, pilates and barre, HIIT workouts, as well as many at-home workouts that youtubers have been posting out on Youtube for people to use during this time. Running isn’t for everyone, so if you’re looking for something else besides the standard run, check out some online classes offered by some of these venues.

Here at Accounting Seed, we’ve created our own fitness channel on Slack where we post a workout of the day for all employees who want to participate. Once you complete the workout that was posted, or another workout that you want to share with the team, we’ve been notifying the team of our accomplishments and how many reps we were able to do. This is something fun to do with your teammates, which is great for morale. It is always optional but if you have a competitive side, it is fun to show off your achievements. Breaks like this are also important not just for fitness but also for helping people relax and destress in order to return to work with increased focus!

Enjoy The Outdoors!

If you aren’t into the rigorous workouts then take in that beautiful spring weather! Get outside and take a walk around the neighborhood. If you have a furry friend, take them along with you. Local parks remain open as long as you abide by the CDC’s social distancing guidelines. Send us pictures from the parks you’ve been visiting! Hiking is also a good alternative to the gym during these times and a great way to just relax and enjoy the environment. 

There are so many other ways to stay fit and healthy without going to the gym or doing a high-intensity workout. So, we want to hear from you! What have you been doing to stay healthy these past two months? Have you been doing exercise challenges with your colleagues, friends, or family? Share with us Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn at @AccountingSeed and let’s stay fit together!

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