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Amaryllis Brings Four Fantastic Features To Your Back Office

Bookkeeping. It’s a necessary evil for every business. Regardless of the software and resources utilized, proper processes should be put in place to ensure finances are managed efficiently and recorded in a timely manner. When it comes to software for improving back office efficiency, Accounting Seed has got you covered. In Accounting Seed’s latest Amaryllis version release, several new features have been added to help make your bookkeeping a breeze.

Here are four-fantastic productivity enhancing features available in Amaryllis you should definitely try:

  • Sleek Accounting Home Screen– Accounting Home is the first-place our customers go in Accounting Seed to access its robust product suite of tools. In Amaryllis, the Accounting Home screen has been enhanced with a fresh new look, even simpler navigation, and Lightning access to Accounting Seed’s objects and related lists.
  • New Grid Row Entry Option Are you looking for a faster way to record accounting transactions by a specific customer or vendor account? If so, Accounting Seed’s new grid row entry option is a resourceful time-saving tool. This feature enables you to quickly mass add or delete Journal Entries, Billings, and Accounts Payable lines in a grid view and table like form.
  • Adding Journal Entries Straight from Bank Direct Connect– With Accounting Seed’s Bank Direct Connect tool, you can have access to more than 14,500 banks and credit companies straight from the application. Now, available in its Amaryllis release, you can also create Cash Disbursements, Credit Journals, Cash Receipts, or Debit Journals while using its Bank Direct Connect feature to manage your bank entries and credit card transactions.
  • Overtime Costing on Time Cards– In Accounting Seed, job costing is embedded into your General Ledger, making it easy to monitor time, expenses, and profitability throughout the lifecycle of a project. Amaryllis expands on Accounting Seed’s time card reporting by adding the ability to calculate and track overtime costs on time card lines per job or project.

Accounting Seed and its Amaryllis release brings speed and automation to your back-office tasks. Coupled with its native Salesforce accounting functionality, you can truly run your entire business all-in-one platform.

To learn more about how Accounting Seed can help simplify your bookkeeping and back-office workflows, schedule a demo today.

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