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Accounting Seed Scores Emotional Footprint Award

Accounting Seed reviews secure coveted first place in the Emotional Footprint category from SoftwareReviews for above-average bonds with customers. 

On March 25, 2020, top tech influencer, SoftwareReviews, a division of Info-Tech Research Group, awarded Accounting Seed the 2020 Emotional Footprint Award! SoftwareReviews is an IT reviewing site focused on exploring essential product features and providing the latest insight on individual products based on accumulated reviews data. Among feature-specific awards, accolades around service and sentiment are ranked too. 

The Net Emotional Footprint award examines 26 dimensions of the vendor-client relationship and product effectiveness to gauge overall user feelings towards the product. The winner is chosen based on 100% validated user reviews. The review criteria for this award looks at how users feel satisfied with the software features and interactions with the product/company. The goal here is to identify software providers that are both respectful and effective. 

Several of the categories Accounting Seed reviews placed the highest in include Neglectful vs Caring, Lack of Integrity vs Integrity, Restricts Productivity vs Enables Productivity and more. All these scores indicate a strong product with extraordinary customer service. “At Accounting Seed, I have worked very hard to instill a culture of serving our customers, and I am really happy to see our company recognized for this. Our company exists to create inspiring accounting technology solutions for all sized companies, and we love doing it!”- Tony Zorc, Accounting Seed CEO.

The Net Emotional Footprint award is a particularly rewarding recognition. Recently, Accounting Seed officially announced the opening of our EMEA office to better support international customers. We will continue to serve even more customers of varying sizes and fields. Our customer-centric mindset is the right course and that’s immensely encouraging!

This award follows Accounting Seed ranking highest in Vendor Support and Product Strategy and Rate of Improvement in 2019 by SoftwareReviews, earning a gold medal. These recognitions and Accounting Seed reviews distinguish our platform as #1 in these areas based on how the product enhances vendor capabilities.

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