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Accounting Seed Gains More SoftwareReview Ratings

Accounting Seed secured first place in the Emotional Footprint category from SoftwareReviews for strong customer relations. In addition to this first-place achievement, Accounting Seed also had strong performances in four other award categories. Those categories are Product Experience, General Ledger, Product Strategy, and Vendor Support. Let’s review these below.

Product Experience 

The first feature we achieved above-average positive reviews on in the Emotional Footprint award is Product Experience. We scored 100% on enabling productivity! To review, the product experience is the entire user experience. It focuses on the whole customer journey that takes place within the product itself. 

Everything that occurs within the digital “four walls” of a product contributes to the user’s experience. At Accounting Seed, we strive to make our product the best there can be without malfunctions or errors but if/when problems occur, we emphasize fast responses and resolutions. We do this by ensuring we have the best customer support team available to our customers when they need it. 

We are thrilled to see that our customers are just as happy with our platform as we are. With this excellent and exciting feedback, we’re going to enhance our software to make sure your product experience is excellent. 

General Ledger

Accounting Seed ranked first place for General Ledger Chart of Accounts above other apps such as Sage Intacct, FreshBooks, and Microsoft Dynamics. The average score for this category is 81% but Accounting Seed landed a 91% satisfaction rating. The general ledger contains the organization’s accounts for recording assets, liabilities, revenue, and expenses. Accounting Seed ranked first of eleven in accounting software. As you can see in our chart above, 69% of our clients are delighted with the outcome of their General Ledger on Accounting Seed. 

The Accounting Seed team loves to see that we are changing our customers’ accounting for the better. This is our primary mission, and we aim to continue this while striving to get these numbers even higher next year. While we owe a big thank you to our team, we owe an even bigger thank you to our users for giving us the feedback we need to better our software.

Product Strategy

Product Strategy and Rate of Improvement is the ability to adapt to market change, another category Accounting Seed scored high in. Vendors who don’t stay on top of emerging needs and trends won’t enable you to build your business goals. Accounting Seed makes it a priority to stay on top of all new and exciting trends that come out daily, weekly, or monthly. Being a software company, we have to be sure we are staying up-to-date with all the latest updates and trends, or else we will be taken over by competitors. 

50% of Accounting Seed customers are delighted by the software, while the other 50% are highly satisfied. These are the two highest-ranking categories! Accounting Seed also landed another above-average score for satisfaction. With the satisfaction category average of 77%, Accounting Seed came in 10% higher with an 88% satisfaction ranking.

Vendor Support

Vendor Support is the ability to receive timely and sufficient support from the customer support staff. We take this very seriously at Accounting Seed. The importance of vendor support will vary for each organization depending on internal capabilities, but there will always be issues that only the vendor can resolve. Our support team receives constant training on new updates with Accounting Seed to ensure that any question that comes their way is something that they can answer with full knowledge. Our customer service team is also bringing in new technology and processes to improve the overall customer experience. We strive to make sure the Accounting Seed customer support team is keeping customer productivity top of mind. 

Accounting Seed scored 90% in the vendor support category, 15% higher than the category average of 75%. In addition, 67% of our customers are delighted by our vendor support efforts. We would like to see that number increase and are going to vamp up our efforts in order to get that percentage up for next year. What’s exciting is that we’ve also just ranked #1 on a new Best Small Business Accounting Software of 2020 list – making this a great start to 2020 for our product!  

Have questions about this award or want to provide additional feedback? Contact us at or 410.995.8406.

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