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Accounting Seed Declared Best Fit for Mid-Market Companies!

Accounting Seed is pumped to have recently secured not five but SIX new badges from G2 based on Real Customer reviews! In addition, we were also deemed “Best Fit” for Mid-Market Companies from SoftwareReviews. See what this means below!

Defining Winning Accounting Software

First off, accounting products vary in complexity and functionality. In fact, many solutions are optimized for use by companies of a certain size. Accounting software depends on the scale of the product and can include features for payroll, processing, invoicing, reconciliation, bill and expense management, and financial reporting. Also, some accounting solutions even include industry-specific features such as project accounting for professional services companies or fund accounting for nonprofit organizations.

To qualify for inclusion in the Accounting category of G2, a product must:

  • Maintain a company’s general ledger and chart of accounts
  • Offer features for automating accounts receivable and invoicing
  • Automate accounts payable workflows for payment processing and purchase orders
  • Allow users to create journal entries to adjust transactions and account balances
  • Track costs and revenues as well as determine the profitability of the products and services sold by the company
  • Manage cash, bank accounts, and payment methods
  • Assist users with the financial close process at the end of each accounting period
  • Deliver standard reports such as financial statements and dashboards to track financial Key Performance Indicators (KPI)s

Now that we have covered the basics, let’s take a deeper look at the six G2 badges that Accounting Seed was recently awarded below!

Momentum Grid Report

The momentum grid highlights each product’s momentum score on the vertical axis and its satisfaction score on the horizontal axis. Also, these scores are based on G2’s satisfaction and momentum algorithms. So, products with a top 25% Momentum Grid score are shown in a shaded area. Luckily, Accounting Seed crushed this section, landing in the top 25% section. 

Revenue Management Software

Revenue management software integrates with both accounting software and ERP systems. Additionally, companies use revenue management software to match their sales with customer payments and reduce revenue leakage. Accounting Seed landed in the High Performers category in this grid! A high-performing product will have high customer satisfaction scores and low market presence compared to other categories. These categories are leader quadrant, contender, and niche products.

Small-Business Accounting Grid

Accounting Seed was scored as a High Performer again in this category. High performing products have high customer satisfaction scores and low market presence. 

Grid Report for Accounting

Accounting Seed scored another High Performer in this category meaning that they have high customer satisfaction scores and low market presence.

Revenue Management Relationship Index

This category, relationship scores revenue management efficiency. This chart highlights some of the factors which contribute to a product’s overall relationship score. Accounting Seed ranked second in this category, beating many of our competitors like FnancialForce. Some factors that contributed to our high score were our ease of business, likeness to recommend, and the quality of our support.

AR Automation Implementation Index

This category highlights some of the factors which contribute to a product’s overall implementation score. Accounting Seed scored a 7.58/10! Some factors that contributed to our score were ease of setup, implementation time, and user adoption. 

SoftwareReviews Ranks Accounting Seed Best Fit for Mid-Market Companies

In addition, SoftwareReviews lists us as a great fit for mid-market companies, with 100% of current customers in this industry size renewing. This is a huge accomplishment for Accounting Seed since we work with mid-market companies the most, helping their businesses expand. 

In summary, the entire Accounting Seed team can’t be more grateful to have received these awesome awards from G2 and SoftwareReviews. But we especially can’t thank our amazing customers for their honest reviews. Have any questions regarding Accounting Seed or how you can get connected with us? Please feel free to contact Nicole Wagner to learn more.

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