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A Year in Review, Our Top 10 Blogs

It’s been a great year, and to celebrate, we’re highlighting the top 10 blog posts with the most views during 2019. Be sure to check them out again and stay tuned for more content in 2020!

1. Ways to Make Project Accounting Work for You

Working with projects in any industry involves managing several layers of challenges, as leaders must balance achieving goals while remaining within budget. In our highest-viewed article, we delve into how to use project accounting to streamline the entire management process. We also pinpoint project accounting features your accounting software should have to secure a successful, cost-effective project.

2. When Will Accounting Be Automated?

Automation is a game-changing innovation for IT, especially in accounting. The reality is that automation is a critical advantage for modern, robust accounting software and it’s only growing more valued and mission-critical.  

3. Will Your Next Accountant Be A Robot?

Technology is revolutionizing how efficiently accounting processes can be done. Does this mean humans will be replaced by artificial intelligence in the endless march of progress? Here, we look into the future by examining rising IT trends that are swiftly defining new accounting technology.

4. How to Improve Your Vendor Payments Process

This article looks at steps every business owner or accountant can take to improve their vendor payments process. We also examine technical features and functionalities you can leverage from Accounting Seed to improve your vendor payment lifecycle. 

5. Do You Need RPA for Accounting?

A follow-up to Will Your Next Accountant Be A Robot?, Accounting Seed examined Robotics Processing Automation (RPA), the latest trend in accounting automation technology. Is this a revolutionary technology, or are there hidden pitfalls attached? Find out!  

6. 4 Tips to Make Financial Operations More Efficient

This was Accounting Seed’s first featured article on our website!  Enlightened Digital’s Sara Carter outlines strategies for accountants and financial advisors to boost productivity and ultimately profits by focusing on boosting the efficiency of financial operations. Learn about technologies, culture, and even corporate trends that can improve your financial management game.

7. Are Taglines Dead? 

Accounting encompasses all aspects of the business. In this article, we examine the effectiveness of taglines in modern marketing strategies. We look at the role and purpose behind tagline marketing and look at how modern trends are reshaping marketing communications. 

8. Art of the Chart: Creating a Great Chart of Accounts

The art behind developing a good chart of accounts begins by simply identifying your core accounting needs and using a flexible accounting system. What’s shocking is that most accounting software doesn’t allow you to arrange your chart of account in the way that best suits your individual organization. In this post, we teach you the art of developing the best chart of accounts and examine how Accounting Seed’s chart of account is ahead of the time. 

9. The Top 8 Reasons Why IT Implementations Fail

IT implementations can be risky, but the truth is that implementation projects primarily fail due to internal problems – a combination of poor planning and miscommunication. This dual blog and video, sees Accounting Seed CEO Tony Zorc count down to the number one reason for IT implementation failure and examine how you can overcome these eight pitfalls.

10. Native Salesforce Accounting Software: Key Qualities You Need

Looking for a native Salesforce accounting software? These are the essential qualities you need for a truly powerful and useful accounting tool. These just so happen to also be defining features of our own accounting platform! Check out the features that make Accounting Seed a decisive tool for all Salesforce users. 

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