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5 Strategic and Uplifting Salesforce Blogs

Although 2020 has gotten off to a crazy start, the blogs that have been posted during these months have been phenomenal! Let’s take a deeper dive into some individual Salesforce blogs that you NEED to check out this summer. They range from specific industry-focused topics to dealing with the COVID-19 economy. However, they all outline resources and strategies Salesforce users can use to pivot their strategies for stronger business performance.  Check out our on-going list below.

5 Strategic and Uplifting Salesforce Blogs

When Should Manufacturers Adopt Salesforce To Scale Their Business? 

This is a great article from Salesforce Ben on how manufacturing companies are using Salesforce to scale their business. You’ll learn when you should adopt Salesforce, custom solutions, why Salesforce is the answer, benefits of the Cloud, and more! This piece provides excellent advice specifically for manufacturing companies, but all organizations will gain a lot of insight from the information. Definitely, one that needs to be checked out!

How Partners and Customers Are Innovating Together During COVID-19

The COVID-19 outbreak has been hard on everyone, but staying together during this time is the most important thing that businesses everywhere can do. Thank you, Woodson Martin, for this great article on ways that powerful innovators made vital connections with customers even during the work-from-home timeframe. See how some of these powerful innovators were able to interact with their customers to save their companies amidst a crisis. 

How To Safely Reopen Your Business

As the economy starts to open, companies are concerned with how they will open their doors safely. It is important that when you reopen your business that you are taking the right steps to prepare and stay clean once reopened. Your employees are your company’s most valuable assets and it’s important to maintain their safety and health. Salesforce published a great article with tips on how to safely reopen and guidelines you should follow in doing so. If you’re planning to jump on the reopening bandwagon, check out this article and make sure you’re being safe!

The Salesforce Learning Resources Super Edition – Phil’s Tip Of The Week #400

Whether you’re preparing for a Salesforce exam or wanting to learn more about a new feature, this blog from Phil Walton gives you an overview of all the Salesforce resources you will need to prepare. Even if you’re not preparing for an exam, this article provides links you need to learn more about variousSalesforce concepts. Start gaining your Salesforce knowledge today!

How We Reversed A Failed Salesforce Implementation

We know that implementing new software can be difficult and tedious, especially if you are new to the technology. The last thing anyone wants to deal with is a failed implementation. Recently, Salesforce was actually able to reverse a failed implementation. This Salesforce Ben article will show you how Salesforce experts were able to figure out problems and provide solutions to get the implementation back on track. Let’s take a look at this one and put all our implementation fears and worries away. 

If you happen to check these out, let us know what you think about them on our Twitter page!

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