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10 Gift Ideas for Accountants

Tis the season to say thank you and remember family, friends, and service providers with small gifts. Don’t forget your accountant!

A simple gift lets your hardworking accountant—who may be remote—feel connected and valued. This connection is important not only for a sense of comradery, but also to acknowledge how much financial health impacts your organization. Celebrate together!

From funny to practical, classics and new ideas, here are our top holiday gifts for accountants!

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1. Accounting Themed T-shirt

Of course t-shirts and clothes are on the list. Everyone needs them, and they can be fun—especially when they have accounting themes on them. What professional accountant wouldn’t want a shirt that proclaims them to be the “Best Accountant Ever.” You can choose from a large variety of shirts with accounting-themed puns and jokes like:

2. Treat Them to Dinner

We all have to eat. Yes, accountants too. While you may not share lunchtimes or break rooms with your remote staff, you can still treat them to a free meal with gift cards to their favorite restaurants or for DoorDash! You can even arrange an informal virtual lunchtime to catch up and celebrate the holidays.

3. Accounting Apron

Does your accountant enjoy cooking? If so, there are several aprons that combine the wit of an accountant with a passion for food. You can find aprons with embroidered phrases like:


4. Accounting Themed Mugs or Thermoses

Speaking of food, coffee or tea is usually an accountant’s essential fuel to work mathematical brilliance. Looking on Amazon or Etsy, you’ll find several options for mugs, thermoses, glasses, and other containers with accounting jokes on them. Examples include, “It’s Accrual World”  at and “CPA certified to rock your numbers” from  Remember, the funnier the better!

5. Mindfulness Package

Work can be stressful, especially around the holiday season. Accountants already have a lot on their shoulders and are not immune to the stressors of worklife. Your holiday gift can directly address them and emphasize that you realize the efforts they go to to help your company. Consider sending them a care package of mental-health focused items like:

  • A subscription to a meditation app like Headspace
  • A Yoga app subscription 
  • Aromatherapy oils for stress relief
  • A coupon to a local spa
  • Stress balls 
  • A box of calming tea
  • And more

6. Accounting Mouse Pads

One thing every remote worker needs is a computer and associated accessories, but who says these can’t be fun or funny?  has a collection of humorous accounting-themed mouse pads available! These have humorous quotes and come in a variety of designs. A few choices include:

7. Pop-Culture Fun

There’s nothing wrong with giving a fun gift insteaed of a practical one. If your accountant is a sci-fi or comic book fan, you can get them a bobblehead or a Pop! figure of their favorite characters like Tron, Han Solo, or Spiderman. Don’t forget your Lord of the Rings fans! 

8. Personalized Journal

Even in the age of digital accounting, your accountants will still use paper for calculations and notes. Why not send them a personalized journal? This is not just a functional gift, but one that will remind them of your appreciation for their work!

9. Seasonal Snacks

Working can drive up an appetite, so why not give the gift of snacks to your accountants! There are several options for ordering and delivering custom packages of sweet snacks. Shari’s Berries offers a wide selection of chocolates, baked goods, and of course chocolate-covered strawberries. If you know your accountants are cookie monsters, there’s also Crumbl Cookies. As the name implies, they specialize in making and delivering a wide variety of cookies from conventional chocolate chip to new flavors like buttermilk pancake!

10. Techno Stocking Stuffers

Give the gift of technology. Working remotely requires the same, or even more, amount of equipment. Consider giving your accountants some useful tech gifts like noise canceling headphones, an extra monitor, or spare charging cables. Of course, new accounting software could be the greatest gift of all! Investing in flexible accounting software that emphasizes customization and automation will definitely prove to be one of the gifts for accountants that keeps on giving.

If you’re thinking about new accounting software in the new year, be sure to read “Changing Accounting Systems: Tips for Switching to New Software.”

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