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Over ten years ago, XCD set out to unshackle HR and Payroll professionals from the burden of repetitive administration, to make the complex simple. Today, XCD is one of the fastest-growing HCM applications on the market. Powered by Salesforce, the world’s most popular business cloud, XCD is the only single solution HMRC compliant HR & Payroll solution available on the Salesforce AppExchange.

XCD and Accounting Seed provide customers with a slick solution on which to run their business operations, enabling the best of both worlds for a customer – two “best of breed” applications, underpinned by a single database, on a single platform, Salesforce.

Because both applications are underpinned by the same platform, this integration delivers a simple, intuitive user experience. A unified look and feel, one set of tools for reporting, building workflows and setting approvals and the ability to create solutions that meet and exceed customer expectations are the foundation on which this relationship is built.

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